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Disciples of the Worm

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I don't know if anyone here has or wants to read the Delta Green book Targets of Opportunity but I'm going to "spoil" one of the chapters now if you haven't.

There is group in their called the Disciples of the Worm. The basic Disciple has a functional immortality because all his wounds are healed and he never ages. This is made possible by a tape worm like creature that inhabits his internal organs, that is covered in barbs and is constantly creating more smaller worms. This is actually the larval form of some creature from another spiritual dimension, whose adult form would die in our dimension. The Disciples have to take a herbal remedy to prevent the worms from breeding and growing inside them, it doesn't work that well and the worm dies after a couple of years and new one's are inserted, anally. The worm's healing properties only work if the person is in pain, which is easy because they are covered in sharp hooks. This means that the Disciples have to find a way to suppress the feeling of the pain. Most of them are heroin addicts.

The basic M.O of the group is to find a way to extract the analgesic from the worms without having to have them inside but they haven't succeeded for over a thousand years, which is how long some of them have been alive. To make some money on the side while they research they take advantage of the spiritual realm where they originally found the worm where 1 day there is equivalent to a month on the outside, and distances are also much smaller, and smuggle drugs for Mexican gangs.

I think they would make great antagonists for a Werewolf game. However, the Umbra seems designed to be nothing but hostile to human beings, or at least have nothing from which a human could profit. Werewolves only really have to worry about incursions from the Spirit to the physical and not the other way round. Which I think is a missed opportunity. So I want to find a way to make something like the Disciples work in Werewolf.

The only ideas I have are either some sort of larval-Shartha that is forcibly kept in such a state by a herbal potion, or something to do with the idigam but I would have to go back and read about them again and I don't have my books with me.

I have thought of one different possibility where some lucky humans stumble across a Place that Isn't which allows them to fast forward through life, by spending a week there they miss almost a year in the real world, allowing them a false sort of immortality. Perhaps there is a poppy field there as well and they can take advantage of the cycle of time there to grow things faster than anyone else can.

If I remember correctly it isn't even possible for something like the old Pentex's Project Iliad to exist purposefully created Spirit-possessed or claimed or whatever to create footsoldiers/ other useful workers.

So I don't know if anyone else has thought about such matters or has a good example of humans messing around with the Shadow to cause the Uratha posse problems. Or can think of a way to work the Disciples into Werewolf in a clever way.

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