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Night Horrors: Wolfsbane

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That's right. We're giving away a free copy of Night Horrors: Wolfsbane over at The Storyverse.

First: Chapter 7, The Endless Market, is up -- http://www.thestoryverse.com/go/2009/09/09...endless-market/

Second: The contest to win demands you dance for your dinner -- http://www.thestoryverse.com/go/2009/09/08...rnet-purchases/

Join us for Werewolfy Goodness.

-- Chuck

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I already got the book. I'm reading the first chapter right now and it's pretty good. The problem is that White Wolf has again broken some rules from the Core book respectively from Blood of the Wolf.

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One is the age of the First Change. The character titled Little Shadow, actually Mark Lee, had his First Change at age 10 and 3 weeks. But the corebook stated "The First Change never happens before the start of puberty or after the age of about 60."

The other thing was the Wolf-born. The book stated:

"Urazakh-Angir really is what he claims to be: the child of a werewolf and the she-wolf who raised him.


Somewhere, out in the wild places of the world, a deeply disturbed Hunter in Darkness — his Harmony eroded well beyond the human sanity — ruts again and again with bitches in heat: wolves, coyotes, even dogs. And out of the scores of them, one was somehow impregnated with this lunatic Uratha’s seed, making the great savior of the Pure Tribes, ultimately, nothing more than the inexplicable progeny of an insane Forsaken."

However Blood of the Wolf clearly stated:

"In the reverse, there is no reliable method of protecting a female wolf from impregnation at the hands of a male werewolf. And while such practice does not produce an abomination — only a regular wolf-litter — it still bestiality in the minds of most werewolves, and few view the practice with something other than distaste. "

So neither the boy nor the Wolf-born should exist in the World of Darkness.

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