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kaworu naguisa

The Illuminated

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The Illuminated


The illuminated believe that all forms of human knowledge are an multifacetated observation of a single truth. The world is more complex than what a single method of study can unveil and because of it, there should be no distinction between science, art and magic.

Science is based on reason, magic is based on gnosis and art is based on inspiration, and, according to the legacie's teaching, so is the world formed by laws that blend these three elements. The partitioning of knowledge in different areas is a sad mistake sleepers and the wise alike commit, and the crusade for these mages are to revert this trend. To break the prision of thought.

Illumination is the act of reasoned and measured inspiration, It´s the gnostic approuch to formula, and the creativity in breaking symbolism and conventional thought. Is the channeling of gnosis, creativity and art in the understanding of the world around us. It's enlightened madness and uncontrolled reason. The soul of the Illuminated, more than listening to their senses, absorbs the magical truths and dances with the universe mysterious laws.

Adepts of the techné, these mages go a step further adding their mad theories and knowledge of arcana to their scientifical models. They factor the occult in their mundane design and they don't shy away from poetry when crunching numbers for their projects. They recreate mundane technology applying the pieces of the occult mundane designers overlooked, and through mixing and matching they transpass the limits of what would be commonly possible.

Order: Free Concil

Primary Arcana: Prime



Esoterical Insights (Matter 1, Prime 1)

The illuminated can atune himself to the supernal so he may unveil the fallen. While he touches technological device, he may spend a point of mana and a turn opening himself to his inner gnosis and by rolling his Intelligence+gnosis he may completely understand the theories behind it's functioning and operation until the end of the scene. Such knowledge is erratic an based on surges of awareness and inspiration, fading away once the mage stops touching or using the object. Additionally, while trying to understand scientifical theories or difficult technical subjects the mage may apply the same roll to get a decent graps of them until the end of the scene provide he has some moderately good explanation or dissetation about it. (A mage without any knowledge of aerodynamics could, by applying this achievement and having a physics book at his grasp, correct harsh mistakes on a plane's design or argue with a physicist for a whole scene, even though latter on the same day he wouldn't be able to remember a thing .)

Refitting and Improving (matter 3, Prime 3)

By using a collection of adjustments and reworking the designs of a machine to incorporate symbolism, magical material and arcana tools, the mage is able to largely expand the limits of a given machine functioning. While the machine's effects may not be changed or made completely supernatural, they may be enhanced far beyond the limits of mainstream physics. The equipment improved capabilities depend on the Illuminated using it personally and expending a mana point, otherwise working in it's normal limit or even not working at all (due to the extreme alterations to its inner workings). These special piece of equipments are hard and expensive to make and mantain but even when activated doesn't resgiter as nothing more than mundane to any magical sense's, and as such bypass anyform of supression of occult powers.

Ex: A mage may refit an old ventilator using gold helixes and reworking of its inner wiring so, when a mana point is expended the blow it provides grow strong enought to lift a person or throw heavy objects away. A battery may be reffited so it not only keeps energy contained but also suck away power from an entire house or building when mana is spent. A pentacle shaped, dedicated magnet may be made into a oneshot EMP bomb after some weeks of work. A directional microphone may be made listen through walls or a revolver may be made able to burst as a minigun releasing all his ammunition in a single burst.

As a general Rule of thumb an Illuminated may keep up to two or three of such equipments functional provide he has some sort of income and lab space (and more equipments may be fixed and put back to work in a night or two of work). Any relatively common device a single person can carry without help may be reffited in three or four days of intense work with 2 or 3 dots in resources. Larger objects or high specialized/complex machiness (such as an eletromagnetic scanner, microcomputer or car) may take up to a month or more to be correctly reffited , ask for resources 3 or 4 to be mantained and probably lose any capability of normal functioning unless operated by someone of this legacy.

Gnostic Machine (Matter 4, Prime 4)

Once achieving the pinnacle of understanding, an Illuminated feels compealled to start to work over his masterwork. As awakening took him to the supernal realm, becoming a master of this legacy provide him the chance of bringing down some of the supernal light and encase it on a mundane vessel. The gnostic machine is a single device the mage may create that may reproduce one single spell he is able to cast, perfectly. The Machine rellies on principle no one but the mage may fully apreciate and it's design incorporates very minutiate and precise components.

Anyone may operate the gnostic machine provide instructions, and although relying on subtle sympathy and laws of the supernal, the effect of the machine is not treated as magic for any effect. The object itself is comparable to an artifact, but it's effect is not magic in any sense. It matches seamesly with the fallen world.

Once the mage works out the theory and design of the machine he may construct it with some months of careful work and the expenditure of a willpower dot. The machine doesn´t require much maintenance but if it ever breaks up it may need weeks of work by the mage who built it and rare material worth resources 4 or 5 to be fixed.

A mage may design only a single Gnostic machine in a lifetime. The creation of such wonder asks so much dedication and insight that no soul may gather more than once in an incarnation. Gnostic machine designs are guarded dearly by members of this legacy since, when one's time to create his own machine comes he may base himself on other's workings to either reproduce or improve them.

OBS: A mage may begin the game in possession of a Gnostic machine by buying it as if he was buying an artefact with the same powers. The machine has the same resistence than an artifact but doesn't has a selfrefreshing mana pool, on the other hand it is completely immune to paradox and may be used by sleepers freely. If the effect it replicates would ask for mana or willpower, the machine will need aproprietedly rare (but mundane) fuels or conditions in order to work.

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Very nice, but one thing - maybe pating a Matter a bit - this Legacy screems for Prime-based, only with Matter powerups. So mkae it. :) Add some Matter powers on 2nd and 3rd, to make it more "cannoncial". As general, I love them. Also, I have a good nickname for them ( i think ): Geniuses. Great work, we can expand them more. :)

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