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Guest SKeLoRiC

Appaloosa ...its not a "Western"

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Guest SKeLoRiC

Its some sort of hyper-real postmodernist 1880s NON-Western.

Its a slow gripping drama of a man and his partner who sell themselves as "mercenary" law enforcement, who arrive in Appaloosa after its previous City Marshall and his deputies go missing.

They offer their deal, THEY are the law: the dictate it what it is and they dispense it as they see fit.

Meanwhile, into town rolls "Mrs. French", a widow with a attitude of vulnerability that almost instantly pulls at the new Marshall.

A man who seems to have hidden depths, a man who reads Thoreau and has an amazingly bad luck with word retention.

As soon as they set up a classic "Western" scene, it seems to go in a direction no Western would go.

Mrs. French is TOO vulnerable and will immediately gravitate to the strongest man in the room, seeking his protection and offering anything and everything to get that protection.

Suffice to say, if you ever wondered what the next generation's "Western" would look like:

This very slow but very gripping psycho-drama masquerading as a "Western" might in fact be it.

Meanwhile, the villain might not be a villain but just some guy -- but a guy who personally killed the missing City Marshall and deputies.

But in the end it becomes a disturbing romantic snarl between three men and the woman who equates "safety" and "protection" with love.

Even when a very SIGNATURE Wild West event finally occurs, it does so without the aggrandizement previously seen in Westerns.

The very last scene is so classically "Western" but yet it instills a sense that even it is anything but the classic "Western".

In the end, I found it gripping and compelling while my Father -- who really was the reason I was seeing it at all -- found himself bored and perplexed by it.

It looks like a Western, it walks like a Western but it was NO Western.

It transcended its genre in a way I thought a Western could not do.

It might be worth a look even if you aren't typically a fan of the genre.

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I've heard this was good. Its not playing near me, so I'll have to wait for dvd.

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