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Feast II

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So, last night I sat down to watch Feast II. But, I decided to watch the original first. If you haven't seen it, the original was pretty awesome. It was made during the last season of Project Greenlight. I thought it was great. It had horror(and alittle gross out stuff) and some action, and a bit of weird comedy...it was my kind of movie.

For Feast II...man, I don't even know where to start. The story itself picks up right after the events of the first one. It starts off ok, and could have been great, but then it just spirals out of control and we're left with a mess of a movie. Its like the director(who directed the 1st one) sat down and went "The gross out stuff and comedy worked well in the 1st one...lets just ramp those elements up big time!". And what they got was a total mess. It didn't come off as funny, it came off as someone trying way too hard to be funny and failing.

If your a fan of the original, then you might want to check this out, just because....but if not, I say steer clear. The movie is terrible.

Oh, and they are making(or have made and not released yet) a third one..

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