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Rare Books of the White-Wolf

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There's a used book store that I visit that tends to get some rare books, usually in the vampire vein. Things I've managed to pick off from it are:

Nosferatu, Malkavian, Setite, Baali, Brujah, and Toreador books.

Both Technocracy faction compilations.

The Traditions Gathered II:Verbena, Dreamspeakers, and Cult Of Ecstacy

They also had the Storyteller's guide to the Sabbat which I picked up for four bucks, but considering how I see that in every used bookstore, I doubt it counts as 'rare'.

I've heard, but never had it confirmed that White Wolf is doing Print On Demand of their discontinued stuff, though. If this is true I think I know what my Christmas list is going to consist entirely of.

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They are doing Print-on-Demand. Some of it can be found here. More books are being put up PoD, it's taking awhile since the files are so old. White Wolf is also making new books for the oWoD. There's the 20th anniversay books, and the stretch goals that involve books that -- as far as I know --- will eventually be PoD.

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I got most of the original WoD books in mint condition :) 

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