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Promethean Character Conceptathon

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Okay, so I took the idea from Temple in the M:tAw boards, and have been spreading it out from there. Basically: create concepts, a few lines or so will do. Here are some samples:

The Galateid who was a jilted lover, and who aims to get back her love by making him her progeny... but he's still alive.

A Tammuz goes to the extremes to attack modern slavery, and creates wastelands of "slaveholders' lands... he's aimed at China.

An Ulgan who discovers his mentor is Centimani and has been binding spirits to Pandorans, and must reveal the truth to someone... if the mentor wasn't killing everyone he tries to tell.

A Zeka centimani who decides to go for the source... he plans to drop himself to the bottom of a local lake.

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