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Rekka No Ryo


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this movie reminded me of the prophecy trilogy and fits right in with the old or new wod perhaps.


is the films website..

Gabriel is a dark action/drama that takes place in the realm of Purgatory. It reveals the struggle between Arc and Fallen angels for control over the city and its population of re-born souls. At present, darkness rules and Gabriel, the last of seven Arcs sent to return light, must assume a human form for the first time. In the darkest places of the human soul, this lone arc angel's battle with his human feelings and emotions will prove as perilous as facing the Fallen. Purgatory's dangerous and seedy underworld will reveal the human condition as frail and strong, as corruptible and honorable but always undeniably powerful and precious.

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Eh it was ok...I didn't really like the story but it was fairly good entertainment, I suppose. The whole "human condition" element was very well done, showing that there are more ways to fall than one. I'm stealing that idea should I ever get the chance to do something demon centric.

Andy Whitfield played Gabriel and gave the best performance of the movie IMO. He had a real presence that most lead action stars should have. I'm really hoping this is a launching pad for him (and several others in the film.)

Samantha Noble who played Jade / Amitiel, gave a pretty good performance given her smallish but important role. She's also a hottie to the nth degree.

Harry Pavlidis who played Uriel hit the nail on the head with the whole "human condition" element.

Dwaine Stevenson played Sammael, and for the longest time I kept thinking to myself that Randall Flagg and Roy Batty had some mutant love child. I couldn't take him seriously...I kept expecting him to launch into a monolog about "Attack ships on fire off the shoulder of Orion"

The rest of the cast were mostly forgettable.

Effects stunts and cgi were damn good given the what they had to work with. There are a couple of what I would term old world of darkness celerity esq moments. The main character fires a shotgun then proceeds to run past said speeding shot to save a hostage and push the bad guy back into the line of fire before it hits him. Interesting idea but definitely a moment.

All in all: well worth the rental, and i'll probably snag it once it hits the cheap bin.

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