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Elizabeth: the Golden Age

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Having watched HBO's E I, I couldnt help but draw comparisons to Blanchettes performance on her latest ouvre. I liked E:GA, but something about it left me wanting. Demonizing the Spanish (Phillip and his court) certainly made for vile antagonism on screen, but drawing historical conclusions from this is one point of view. What I loved about HBO's two part movie is that it shows the problems and challenges of rulership, plots and intrigues of her court and the romance with Jeremy Irons juxtaposed with the politics of her time. Mirren's E is flawed, an aging pre menopausal woman who struggles with not having married and mothered children. It made E real. Blanchett's E is grand, and powerful, akin to a shakespearean E. I prefer to human E. I liked E:GA but it doesnt compare to E I. Helen Mirren remains the quintessential queen of England.

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