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In my Mage game, one of the players had a contact who provided a great deal of useful information, at a cost. Here, then, is that contact.

The spirit:

The Spirit of Secrets Hidden In Plain Sight

Quote: "This, I have heard. Here is what I may tell you..."

Background: Secrets Hidden In Plain Sight resides in the London of World War II, having claimed the owner of a small, out-of-the-way antiques shop (see below). Before this, Secrets Hidden In Plain Sight grew off of all sorts of secrets - small, personal things that were there if one looked... but no one did. The nervous glance of a schoolboy towards the girl he has a crush on, the haunted eyes of a man who drinks to forget, the feigned nonchalance upon returning home from an affair, all these things did Secrets Hidden In Plain Sight see, and more.

Description: The form of Secrets Hidden In Plain Sight is, of course, its own secret, and by being witnessed at all (something that happens only when the spirit wishes, or is discovered by another more powerful), it hides its form in plain sight. It adopts the shape of something meaningful to the viewer - something from one of the viewer's secrets.

Storytelling Hings: Secrets Hidden In Plain Sight is always mysterious, always watching, almost never seen. It loves to barter for secrets (see its ban), and draws its power in a special way: The more personally meaningful the secret, and the fewer people who know it, the richer the secret is.

Rank 2

Attributes: Power 3, Finesse 6, Resistance 3

Willpower: 6

Essence: 15

Initiative: 9

Defense: 6

Speed: 19

Size: 2

Corpus: 5

Influences: Secrets **

Numina: Claim, Chorus, Revelation, Seek, Material Vision

Ban: Secrets in Plain Sight cannot freely give out information. Anything revealed must be done so by revealing something 'hidden in plain sight,' usually pointing out overlooked details, dusty books, someone not expected to hold the answers, and so on. Furthermore, this information cannot be given out for free. The creature must learn some secret in exchange for every secret knowledge granted.

The Claimed:

Vincent Montgomerry

"I see you have come back. Come in, come in, we have much to discuss."

Background: Vincent Montgomerry was a slight, frail old man who owned an antique shop filled with forgotten wonders. The decades had passed him by, and he and his shop languished, almost forgotten, until he drew the attention of a spirit who fed on such secrets, hidden in plain sight...

Description: Vincent seems even older and more withered, even grayer than seems right. He speaks only in a harsh whisper, yet has no trouble being heard.

Storytelling Hints: The harsh whisper is a must - my players were wowed the first time I did that. They even made me tea after so I could keep running the game. Vincent is always working with a different forgotten piece when someone enters his shop - one visit, a musty old book, another, antique tea cups. The spirit's quote (above) is a ritual used when exchanging secrets. The customer speaks some secret, and Vincent replies with the formula before revealing something in compensation. Just as for Secrets Hidden In Plain Sight, the value of a secret depends on its meaning to the person revealing it, and the number of people aware of it. Attributes given below are Vincents, attributes in parentheses are those empowered by the spirit claiming him.

Mental Attributes: Intelligence 4 (7), Wits 3 (6), Resolve 1 (3)

Physical Attributes: Strength 1, Dexterity 3 (4), Stamina 2

Social Attributes: Presence 1, Manipulation 4 (6), Composure 2 (3)

Mental Skills: Academics 3, Business 1, Investigation 1, Occult 4, Science 2

Physical Skills: Stealth 2, Larceny 2

Social Skills: Expression 2, Persuasion 2, Subterfuge 3

Merits: Encyclopedic Knowledge, Eidetic Memory, Resources 1

Willpower: 3 (6)

Morality: 5


Initiative: 5 (7)

Defense: 3 (4)

Speed: 9 (10)

Health: 7

Essence: 15

Influences: Secrets **

Aspects: Camoflage ** (Hidden Power), Forgotten, Mind Reading ***, Sharp Senses ***, Gift: Sagacity [Knowledge 3]

(Note: The Business skill was my 1940s-era replacement for the Computer skill. Those sticking to slightly more published rules may replace Business with Computers, if appropriate, or add the dot to Investigation or Occult.)

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I know it's been a while, but I like this. I think there is a bookstore in my game's future. . .

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