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The Imbued (Hunter: The Reckoning)

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Just a rough sketch of the rules... someone want to look at story angles?

Legacy: The Imbued

Path: Any

Order: None (Banisher)

A Legacy that is somehow passed from one person to the next through strife, a common bond against adversity forging souls into weapons against the darkness.

A Legacy that is gained in the very moment of Awakening.

A Legacy that by it's own existence, limits the free flowing use of magic.

A Legacy A Legacy that drives it's holders to the depths of depravity to accomplish their goal: to eliminate the supernatural, in all it's forms.

The Imbued are oddities for many reasons.

All Imbued gain twice the number of Arcana Experience that would be awarded to them, and may allocate Arcane Experience to either Gnosis or Arcana. However, upon becoming Imbued, the drive to eliminate magic turns inward as well, preventing the Banisher from ever again cast spells. The Imbued must rely on the inherent effects of their Attainments alone.

Each point of Gnosis that the Imbued gains may be used to purchase one Attainment, assuming that they meet the Requirements. Attainments must be purchased in successive order within each category. Optional Attainments are available regardless, so long as their associated Primary Attainment has been purchased. Each category has a Primary Arcana, which reduces the cost of future purchases as normal if the character has purchased an Attainment from that category.

Unfortunately, such aggression takes it's toll over time. The desire for the hunt overcomes all, and eventually even human lives pale in importance to stalking monsters.

Because of this, the Imbued's maximum possible Wisdom is reduced by their Gnosis.

Vision - Primary Arcana: Mind

First Attainment: Mind 1, Empathy 1 / Activated "Aura Perception"

Optional Prime 1: Activated "Analyze Enchanted Item" (and associated bonus to Aura Perception)

Second Attainment: Mind 2 / Indefinite "Sense Consciousness"

Optional Death 1, Spirit 1: Activated "Speak With Ghosts" and "Spirit Tongue"

Third Attainment: Mind 3, Empathy 2 / Activated "Telepathy"

Optional Space 2: Activated "Scrying"

Fourth Attainment: Mind 4, Empathy 3 / Activated "Read the Depths"

Optional Prime 4: Activated "Eyes of the Awakened"

Fifth Attainment: Mind 5, Empathy 3 / Activated "Network"

Optional Prime 5, Space 3: Indefinite "Supernal Sense"

Mercy - Primary Arcana: Life

First Attainment: Life 1, Medicine 1: Activated "Healer's Trance"

Optional Death 1: Activated "Soul Marks"

Second Attainment: Life 2, Medicine 1: Activated "Purify Bodies"

Optional Prime 2: Activated "Counterspell Prime"

Third Attainment: Life 3, Survival 2: Activated "Organic Shield"

Optional Prime 3, Occult 2: Activated "Magic Wall"

Fourth Attainment: Life 4, Medicine 2: Activated "Healing Heart"

Optional Prime 4: Activated "Supernal Dispellation"

Fifth Attainment: Life 5, Medicine 3: Activated "Regeneration"

Optional Fate 5, Occult 3: Activated "Forge Godsend"

Zeal - Primary Arcana: Forces

First Attainment: Forces 1, Survival 1 / Activated "Nightsight"

Optional Time 1:Activated "Perfect Timing"

Second Attainment: Forces 2, Weaponry 1 or Brawl 1 / Activated "Kinetic Blow"

Optional Death 2: Activated "Corpse Mask"

Third Attainment: Forces 3, Weaponry 2 or Brawl 2 / Activated "Telekinesis"

Optional Life 3: Activated "Honing the Form"

Fourth Attainment: Forces 4, Science 1 or Occult 1 / Activated "Bestow Invisibility"

Optional Prime 3: Activated "Ephemeral Enchantment"

Fifth Attainment: Forces 5, Science 2 or Occult 2 / Activated "Create Sunlight"

Optional Matter 5: Activated "Annihilate Extraordinary Matter"

(Maximum Arcana needed: Space 3, Prime 5, Mind 5, Life 5, Fate 5, Matter 5, Time 1, Death 2, Spirit 1, Forces 5)

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Some possibilities:

- The imbued may be spawns of an abyssal trip that twists the soul of a would be awakened into dennial and hatred. During the begining of a mystery play, instead of ascending to the higher planes, these beings are pulled by the dense gravity of what lurks bellow and not opening themselves to outward forces, their spirit closes and becomes a stalker of the gifts dennied, hunting the supernal energies with a hunger instiled by the depths.

These imbued are mad, having their dreams, thoughts and senses warped by this abyssal violation of their souls. In their eyes all magic, no matter how good or beneficial, slowly revels itself venomous and utterly evil. Sometimes this strange effect manifests as delusions and irrationality but in other occasions it's a more insidious process that makes the imbued "percieve" the side effects of the magical spells and how they are dangerous to the world as a wholle.

Mages who confronted these beings say that they are driven by an unstoppable urge, a directive to hunt and kill that not even themselves can explain, an obsession that slowly erodes their soul and turn them into a human shell harboring a unholy beast that craves nothing more then the blood of the wise and the destruction of everything supernal.

- The imbued may be paws of the exarchs. They are normal human beings that are partially lifted from the quiescence and comanded to act on what they now are able to see. Their lives are filled with profetic visions and guiding signals hidden in the most mundane objects. From outdoors to newspaper headlines they are always lead to encounters with the supernatural. These encounters though are restricted to the dark side of the supernatural.

Fate appears to conspire to put these persons in the front line of the supernal war, always punshin them against the enemies of the throne. Their powers, gifts conceded from the high, are direct emanations of the supernal realms where their secret masters award the best imbued with more tools to become a better wealpon.

- The Imbued may be a completely different kind of awakened. Normal mages are taken by the astral light and lead to the supernal heights. They are conduits of the powers above interfering in the balance of the fallen world. The imbued are souls that, inside the depths of quiescense, develop a connection to the spiritual fabric of the lower world that obscure their visions. There's no tower awaiting them, just a profound connection to this material decayed shell, the world has become since the creation of the abyss.

Their souls suffer with the presence of magic. The distruptive interference of the realms above threatens the stability of the fallen and due to the egoistic needs of the awakened, each day the abyss floats closer to manifest itself on earth. These is not counciosly know by the imbued, but is a trulth their instict tells them shaping their thoughts into hatred and prejudice.

Imbued are not capable of bending the supernal arcana, theirs is not the gift of the astral light, but their powers relie on a deep connection to the earthly shell itself that lead them to confront those who would harm it. THeir mind is filled with visions and messages, and they live and breath the pain that mages create. Their soul is closer connected to the fountain of its powers, and some mages theorize that in the time of atlantis, while the ladder was still in contruction, the awakened of that age also possessed the astounishing ability of soul shaping these hunters show, and their minds were also more atuned to the visionquests and directives the "fallen awakened" confess to feel each day.

- Once in the old atlantis there was a group of mages called the "keepers of the divine path". It was their job to balance and judge the souls who would be able to contemplate the ladder and have access to the rituals and knowledge necessary to progress through it. Every level of the ladder had a mage of this order to protect it, and in a number that by some text was close to the hundreds, these gate keepers were living foundations upon which the structure was laid. Souls that in the progression of their wisdom and gnosis, created the path to the supernal realms.

The exarchs surpassed every test these keepers presented, and they were the only souls that weren't part of an imperial family that actually were able to complete the travel between the worlds. When they reached the last step, though, they used the power from high to strike the curse of quiescense on these mages. The souls of the keepers were aflicted with a degrading blindness that locked them away from the astral light, and with their fall, the ladder broke, and with their blindness the curse spread through the awakened city. The imperial practices prevented all magic from being dismissed in the ignorant shadow of disbelief, but these mages, the very vector from the mallady suffered as none before.

So was at that time, and so it's with their descendents. The curse spreads with blood and reincarnation. Those acursed souls taint the tree of humanity with every passage in the cycle of rebirth. Not only they are incapable of magic, but the very urge of hiding and supressing it polutes their heart. They are imbued with the plague, and the disease consumes their soul in the hunt.


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