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The Den of Madness

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This thread is created for the sole purpose of sharing ideas, theories, fiction and, of course, all sorts of flux-twisted creatures you can imagine. You can share anything related to Pandorans, Kryptae, and Flux-tainted creatures in this thread.

There are only three rules in this thread:

a) Keep in topic

B) When replying to someone else, use Quote marks

c) Keep it fun.

All things said, let's start things up, people!

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A re-post, just to keep everything in one place.


The Creeper

Quote: (Screams of anguish as skin is being torn from flesh)

Background: It seemed a good idea at first. A progeny must be made in order to gain Mortality, so it's best to make sure the new creation would look good. Such was the reasoning of a Galateid who wanted to be mortal too soon than he had earned. He collected various body parts from women whom he found beautiful, killing some of them when no grave at the local cemetary was deemed worthy by him.

When all the needed parts were assembled, the process of creation took place. She woke, the Logos he uttered gave life to a beauty incarnated, or so he thought until she looked at him and her back tore open revealing wicked wings the likes he never seen before. He started running as soon as she began to tear her skin from her body with scream written all over her face, although no sound reached his ears.

The Pandoran he met moments after, flying towards him from the skies above had nothing female in him. After a brutal fight, he was taken back to the place he tried to escape from. There, the captured Promethean had to watch as his creation caught humans from the nearby road and with crude tools sliced them. Most of them still alive, he had to listen to their screams up to the moment when they were just parts, the Creeper ate some of them, the rest he stiched together, in a mockery of his own birth. Yet these creations had no beauty in them, bodies with no heads attached at their spines, replaced limbs, fingers sticking out of the forehead.

The Galateid suppossedly escaped, and learned that one of the bodies he used was born a male, but to this day the Prometheans who speak of the Creeper in their Rambles don�t know if they are telling the truth, a rumour, or just a fairy tale. The roads, however, hold many secrets best left untouched.

Description: The Creeper tried to conceal his monstrous nature when outside his cave. He often wears an over coat and a hat stolen from his victims, as well as pants and a shirt, although he might be seen wearing them incorrectly at times. When inside his house, he wear no garments, revealing his wings, claws, wicked smile always present on his face and the tarnished skin that looks more like leather.

Storytelling Hints: Everyone is flawed. Their bodies aren't the way they should be. It's time to repair them, to make them right, and feast on the imperfections. Only fools will try to stop you, those who want things to be ugly. What strange sounds of joy they give when you put them right is a question you often ponder on your escapades.

Mockery: The Silent

Rank: 3

Mental Attributes: Intelligence 1, Wits 3, Resolve 2

Physical Attributes: Strength 4, Dexterity 3, Stamina 4

Social Attributes: Presence 2, Manipulation 1, Composure 2

Mental Skills: Crafts (stiching bodies together) 3, Medicine (Anatomy) 2

Physical Skills: Athletics 2, Brawl 2, Drive 1, Stealth 3, Survival (Rural areas) 2

Social Skills: Intimidation 2

Willpower: 4

Vice: Gluttony

Initiative: 5

Defense: 3

Speed: 12

Size: 5

Health: 9

Transmutations: Pandoran - Armor (ºº), Bizzare Weaponry (Claws ºº), Manlike Stature (º), Perfected Bezoar (Sharp Weapons ºººº), Wall Walking (ººº)

Bestowment: Wings (ºººº)

Pyros/Per Turn: 14/3

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A work in progress...


(Image: http://www.deviantart.com/deviation/52948893/)

La Venganza de Kukulkan - Kukulkan's Revenge (Sebek Sublimatus)

In 1964, a group of Mexican archaeologists set off to find one of the many lost cities of the Mayans. They traveled through the jungle, led by their indigenous guide through the labyrinthine pathways of the Chiapas jungle. After days of tiresome travel and seeking, they found something buried under the overgrown vegetation: An entrance built right on the face of a mountainside. Excited with the prospect of the mountain itself being a forgotten Mayan temple, they began to explore the supposed temple, but found it to be considerably smaller than a pyramid. The disappointment did not last: The inside of the cave was filled with all sorts of Mayan statuettes and jewelry, as well as human remains. The prospect of finding a new perspective about Mayan culture lured them towards securing the site, contacting the pertinent authorities and moving the valuable pieces and human remains to a secure location.

Today, this story remains a myth amongst the archaeologists, as a prime example of why not to spend too much time on the road with limited supplies and little knowledge of the region. The expedition did telegraph the National Archeology Institute with the lost temple's location. The archaeological team, along with their findings, disappeared without a trace shortly after, and when the Institute sent their own archaeological team to inspect the site, they found nothing that matched the given description. The truth, as always, remains hidden, recorded in the signs and symbols on the roadside, hidden to all but those who can see them, and in the accounts of those who survived the ordeal.

It all began after the archaeological team transported the weathered remains of a statue that resembled the ancient Mayan God of the Feathered Serpent, Kukulkan: They had chosen to keep it in a local warehouse, wrapped tightly to prevent further damage from the jungle's damp climate. Or so the locals who saw the thing hauled into the biggest building in the little, isolated town in the mountains that was closest to the temple's location. They also insist this is the last time they saw the archaeologists.

Prometheans, though, tell another story: The statue was nothing more than a very old Pandoran, awakened shortly after it was locked in the warehouse by a nearby Promethean who had gone to the wastes. The Pandoran hunted the Promethean to keep him as a source of sustenance, burying him yet keeping him breathing through his unburied nose. It proceeded to killed each of the archaeologists in turn, and lastly destroying the temple that had housed it for so long. It fed the corpse to the captured Promethean, keeping him interred for long, feeding only as necessary. Some say the Pandoran, who's come to be known as Kukulkan's Revenge, is still in the jungle, having captured more Prometheans to sustain itself, and to torture for its own twisted amusement. Others say it has expanded its influence, seeking a mortal cult amongst the indigenous people as the reincarnation of the ancient God of the Feathered Snake. Most will agree, though, that the fire brands in the asphalt of a Chiapas roadway, constantly warning about a big Pandoran presence in the mountains, are not to be taken lightly.


Kukulkan's Revenge stands over 7 feet tall, with a slim, wiry build. Its face is definetely reptilian with a mouthful of sharp, long fangs, and black, reflective eyes. The entirety of its back is covered with a fine ashen gray plumage. Its hands and feet have long, jet black claws, and from his lower back grows a long snake-like tail that ends in a poisonous stinger.

When dormant, it takes the appearance of a very weathered statue of the Mayan god Kukulkan, hunched and bent.

Roleplaying Tips:

This Pandoran is old. Very old. Technically, it has lived over 800 years; over 600 of those were spent in relative activity, at least until the Mayan culture began to truly fade away from the Chiapas society and it no longer had ready access to any source of sustenance. As such, it has gotten very careful about its tactics and feeding habits. It has also grown distressed at the modern world: Kukulkan's Revenge sees the trappings of the modern world as an aberration, a sign of the end times predicted in the ancient codexes. It has quite set up an indigenous cult deep inside the jungle, with the sole purpose of expanding its dated beliefs.

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