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kaworu naguisa

The Flambeau (House Flambeau Redux)

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The Flambeau

"As Light shine through darkness, so shall I prevail upon my fears

As Fire consumes all that’s unwanted, so shall my weakness be cleansed

As Thunder gives himself fully and proudly just even if for one moment of true greatness, so shall I sacrificing everythingl that I am to take revenge upon those who have tried disinherit me

Watch and remember, for one day you too shall be called to answer for the things undone"

The Legacy of the Forked Dragon, the two headed beast of fire and thunder, is the home of the bold and the brave. No Cautious soul would stand its fleeting glory, no fearful man can draw near its heat. Mediocrity is unaccepted under its wings, for its final objective is to take back his denied inheritance, to make all creation remembers its rightful place. Maybe the fate of the Flambeau is harsh – the flight of Icarus, as some say - but none shall ever dare to accuse them of not living truly, or having let sins pass untouched. In a world of relentless darkness the power of magic asks its bearer to be used wisely, but more then that, the sword of enlightenment has only meaning when employed full heartedly.

The basis of the Flambeau philosophy is the notion that inaction leads to dissolution. What doesn’t grow strong falls in the grasp of death, and unrealized actions can only be regretted. A dualistic view of the world distinguish all things for these mages in a simples pattern of good and evil, positive and negative, Valor and vice. A constant fight between forces present in every part of creation. Fully aware of the importance that every being has in this conflict, their pursuit is to embrace the positive principle the best they can, the quest of true power and true justice, not the vague possibility of accomplishing, but the actual process of doing great deeds. Flambeau are taught to see themselves as true inheritors of the earth, rulers who, by the fact of awakening, acquired not only the right, but the obligation of taming and tending their kingdom.

The eyes of a flambeau are trained to analyze the world in search for the insidious darkness they abhor, and it’s not difficult to perceive the different ways in which it manifests itself. The lie blinds humanity, The Exarchs dress themselves as gods, sin is entrenched everywhere as feeble minds spent their existence without faith, drive or accomplishments. More them anything, darkness lies in cowardice. By taking the most extreme opposition of these elements, the flambeau embrace light. Deny the lie, smoulder the follower of the false gods and throw themselves completely in every passing moment is how this legacy shapes the soul of its followers.

The material facet of their pursuit is mastering the manifestation of positive principle in nature. The Blistering heat of fire, the blinding light of thunder and the sheer greatness of earth are tools to be honed and respected. To become one with them is to take the first step into claim one’s place at the natural order. The retaking of the throne of the earth by intimately understanding it. More than simply craving for mastering the deadly elements of the world, to be a flambeau is also to incorporate internally the essence of motion. Light shall shine through darkness, so shall they have no fear of exposure, Fire consumes all that’s unwanted, and so shall they search and destroy what’s abominable in their domains , thunder gives himself fully and proudly just even if for just one moment of true greatness, and so shall they have no fear of sacrificing all that they are, because life is but a flicking flame I the realm of eternity.

“Why ?” Some of the outsiders ask the Flambeau. The few old masters of this path still alive are known for always answering with a peculiar story that gave the legacy one of it’s nicknames and, for those who know its history, is a metaphor for its inner schism.

“A great forked Dragon guards the secret of immortality. As every man reaches his final moment, he is confronted by the towering two headed beast and It presents any postulant to his treasure the most dire challenge, and only the worthiest are allowed to have a glimpse before passing on. Most souls, deemed weak or impure by the judgment of their own conscience, are simply cast back into the shadows to wait in ignorance for their final fate. The challenge, although harsh, involves basically the answer two simple questions: Does to show true mighty only lead to certain doom? Is the acceptance of humility the failure that binds the weak to craw on ground.?” Whenever one should try to understand the flambeau, the quest for this answer, the most pure essence of their beings, must be ever present on all his thoughts.

If darkness is the greatest enemy of this legacy, the abyss is the manifested target of its disaffection. Revenge is what burns inside the heart of every mage of this path. Many join only in search for the destructive arts these mages perfect,but all who enter sooner or later are consumed by the pyre of certain death and the sacrifice that gives it meaning.

Sacrifice, ironically,is what have take these mages apart. In the history of the Flambeau two lineages of the legacy have evolved, both claiming the other weaker, fearful and incautious. The mainstream Flambeau is known for the pride with which he carries scars and brands. No fear is to be shown in the face of enemies and reckless efort is a sign of bravery. In order not to stain their souls they are willing to sacrifice and do anything. The glory of a few years well lived is their greatest prize. The marks they have left are not only for the other, but for their own sake, because life will turn again and all will be reborn if light prevails. The other side of the legacy is made of the careful. The most effective fire is not the brighter one, but the longest. As light is eternal and omnipresent, as movement expands eternally in all directions, the Apromorian, as these diverging flambeaus are called, reason that so should they never abandon their duty recklessly - A dead soldier is as useless as the hesitant one. These mages try to look to the complete picture, and the difference that most set them apart from their brothers is that they see the sacrifice not only as simples as giving one's life or body, but also as something that should ultimately applied to one's soul. Their prize to the future is the maintenance of darkness at bay and they are willing to risk everything for it, even the state of their souls if needed to be.

The heads of the dragon splits into different direction. Outwardly, Flambeau dare to challenge everything in their action, the abyss is denied and opposed with the courage of those who know no force can really extinguish them if their souls are pure, Inwardly there are the cautious apromorian who slowly but always push forward trying to maximize their effect through the path of less opposition and, in their quest, slowly make the sacrifice of allowing to taint their pride living the battle the most they can.

nickname: nukes

Path or Order: Obrimos(mainstream) or Guardians of the Veil(Aprimorians)

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For Nepher and anyone interested in helping with the attainements, here are a few notes concerning the Flambeau theme and mood.

The basic concept: "Mages that believe in the eternal conflict between darkness and light and who try to join the best they can with the forces of light, flame and thunder, as these are the earthly representatives of justice and righteousness"

Mainstream twist: "These flambeau believe that no space should be given to the forces of darkness. To fear vulgar effects is to knell in the face of abyss, to fear death is to receed upon the doubts of the ignorant. Those who embrace the divine fire are always reborn, and great deeds last forever."

Apromoriam Twist: "Apromoriam are flambeau that embrace the humility of persistence and the sacrifice of anonymity. They think that the longer one lives the best they can serve the positive principle. They do not fear the abyss or death, but reason that looking for the path of less oposition is the best way to achieve greater victories."

The mainstream flambeau concentrate in harnessing and manipulating their chosen element. Their achievements are a measure of their victory upon the abyss and darkness as they slowly reclaim the creation that is theirs by dinive right. They are rather destructive and prone to bursts of elemental mighty. From the flambeau overall beliefs they focus on the "taming their kingdom" and "Proudly give themselves to a moment of true greatness."

The Apromoriam are more tied to the "tending to their Kingdom" and "answer for the things undone" and have abandoned their mastery of the positive principle in order to achive more subtle attainements. Discern evil and a more internal aprouch of their comtiment to the light would fit them better.

I think that it will be kinda of hard to come up with these two sets of attainments, but if i'allowed to give an idea i think it would be nice to make a common "primary line", based on light and righteousness and then make two sets of optional arcanas tied to each faction. Maybe one based on tamming the outer elements and the other on inner elements and bravery.

Alternatively, there could be done a single first attainement that then splited into two ramifications with their own themes.

obs: Some sort of "Ball of Abysmal Flames" is a must. I'd be really grateful if you guys could make it the third attainement or something like it.

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Appearance: The Legacy goes into different directions when it comes to express itself in society. The original flambeau are quite imposing and prone to call atention largely disconsidering other's opinions or any kind of false humility when it comes to show their status and resources. Gold and ruble are almost sacred colors and its rare the flambeau who does not has at least one cerimonial robe of red velvet inscribed in the most pure gold. Magic is the most sacred tool in the elevation of the man and as carriers of the divine fire, the flambeau reason, they should be proud and dress accordling. Religious simbols like crosses and pentagrams are obrigatory and all the mages who tread the path of fire and thunder carrie at least one of those simbols representing his connection and votes.

Apromoriam, being more focused to their task and inward enforcement of the light, doesn't make obrigatory the expansive habits of their traditional counterparts. Their are more pratic and prone to use whatever will make easier for them to accomplish a given task. They too carrie a symbol of their commitment, and it's getting increasly common to exchange the heavy and chamative crosses for golden rings with the forked dragon inscribed on them. Inside the guardians it has become a sign that a mage has clearly crossed the line and all the diplomatic relations have been a failure when he is assigned to be "visited by the dragon".

Background: To a flambeau to pass the legacy to newer generations is a sacred duty that must be always undergone while one is not at war. Possible apprentices are called to duty and taught as early as possible, preferably after their awakening. If a mage is seen studing after a flambeau mage its almost always assumed that he is in training to succed his teacher. Mages prone to enter the legacy are those who are most fascinated by magic. Revenge is the initial drive a master seeks in potential students, and the positive principle is the gospel those who recently acquired power to fight back the world always waited to sanctify their anger. From gang members, to frustrated cops and prosecutors to opressed business man, the flambeau comes from many places. The flambeau call the begining their carrers the "starless nights" for they are almost always too much focused on their new powers and abilities, as if the light and fire recently discovered inside one self obfuscated everything outside a mage's objective. While the traditional flambeau laught at the begining of their carrers comparing it to the unsure steps of a young child, the Apromorian see this begining fase as a dangerous transition where a mage must be taught not to burn in the flames he throws on the world around himself, but instead to cleanse his inner flaws on the call of duty.

Organization: The life of the classical Flambeau is dangerous and his carrer is normaly glorious and fast, shining brightly during its short time, but, once in a while, a lucky or talented forked Dragon is able to set down the pace and focus on building the next generation. These are the founders and teachers of the Chapel houses were the legacy trains new apprentice and where its tactical teams plan their next action. In a given council, the flambeau are either a great force or a matter of single and fanatical mages throwing themselves in impossible quests slowly fading under the mighty of their enemies or the darkness of the abyss. It all depends on how well a Chapel house is able to acquire new members and followers and equilibrate the certain losses with a steady income of new blood. Domains under war or where the Adamantine Arrows hold great sway are the most common place for the birth of great Communities of Flambeau mages. To be connected with one of this legacy is not only to have connections with a given house, but also to be considered an treated as part of their community receaving full support and sharing the loyalty of many. More then opening their resources only to those of the legacy, cabal mates are considered as an extension of a mage's inner light and are easely granted sincere friendship and all the rights and duties a member of the legacy would have, for the good or the bad.

Ranks in this legacy are simple. The founder of a chappel house is the Keeper of its sacred flame and has a say over the activities of all community, He has no right over the others but is supposed to be greatly respected and listened the few times he actually interferes. An arbiter of conflicts and example of the righteouss path, he is also the connection these mage have with the light (soul stones are quite common and almost all keepers give them whenever they create or assume the whole of guardians of the cerimonial fire that constanly light the temples of the legacy) .The other flambeau, in war, are all equal and only on cerimonial encounters or religious meetings the difference between them and the Keeper are apparent. All flambeau have the duty of introducing new members to the chapel house, passing on the light, and they do it as early as possible. Neophites in the legacy are taught by the keeper the first steps and are supposed to develop latter in the battle field and in interaction with the community. This is the way the legacy makes up for its heavy loses, and many of the flambeau, being introduced since its awakening doesn't even know other life.

The Apromorian are a completely different case. Inside the domains of the keepers of the veil the form their own close societies and are almost like an underground religous cult. No temple is created and no kind of organization exists outside the bounds of mentor, student and fellow forked Dragons. Many Apromorian came from the ranks of mainstream flambeau Chapel houses that discovery that there were a world outside of what was told by their Keepers. Even when a flambeau renegates he is changed by the notions taught to them, and the Apromorian are more then welcoming and used to help the transition needed to learn caution and subtly. Most of these dissidents are expected to keep close contact with one another and its common for they keep their sanctuns near for mutual protection.

A common trait shared by the Apromorian and the Flambeau is the unlimited loyalty they should grant those on their legacy or the members of their cabal. The Dragons close their ranks in face of outside treats and to attack one is to declare war upon them all. Not following one of the precepts of the light, or showing fear upon throwing oneself in the duty of fighting the negative principle can be forgiven, humans are weak and sometimes slow to learn, but not to answer a call for help by a fellow Dragon is a crime only repaid with death, even for those who are only cabal mates of a dragon, but who wold, for sure, be beneficiary of the same privilege. One is either with, or against the Flambeau, no middle ground is allowed.

Suggested Oblations: To magicaly light thousands of candles. To ritually burn things associated with the negative principle as dead flesh, wood or vermin. To sacrifice the spawn of darkness such as abyssal entities, vampires and somekinds of werewolves in sacred torchs To Create large vulgar manifestations of raw elemental Power absorbing great amounts of paradox in ones flesh showing deffiance to the Abyss, Conducting Elemental spells such harnessing thunders or shaping light in front of sleepers taken care by a Chapel house in order to make the light touch their hearts lifting the lie. To resist could and darkness for longs periods of time. To make the sacret vow of war against a certain enemy before going into a given quest.

Concepts: Avenger gangmember, frustrated prosecutor, rogue police officer, War victim, Religious extremist, Terrorist, Rebelious awakened, ex-soldier, Protector of the neigborhood.

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1st Attainment: Light of Truth

Force 2 (primary), Prime 2, Persuasion 3.

The Flambeau may with words of Thruth increase an existing source of light, like the spell Control Light, with a Presence+Persuasion+Force roll. These light are strong enought to consume Death summoned shadows, if the Flambeau score more success on its roll than the shadow spell potency.

The Light of Thruth is not only a physical light, but also a metaphorical one, reavealing what is hidden. Any Veiling spell, Force trick of light, Mind illusion or Prime phantasm can be countered with a Presence+Persuasion+Prime. As for the Shadows, the light simply burn these illusions.

2nd Attainment: Feeding the Fire

Force 3

The Flambeau may, with a word of command, increase ordecrease the size or the intensity of an existing fire(+/-1 per success), and control its spreading (maximum one yard per turn). This work as the spells Influence Fire and Control Fire. Basic manipulation require a resence+Persuasion+Force roll. Each success may be used to inflict a lethal damage, as long as an existing source of fire is within a number of yards, equal to the Flambeau Force rating, from the target. A Wits+Expression+Force roll is required for artworks made of fire or burnt material (including living bodies). This kind of artwork may be used as standard, even if obvious, social action. At this level, the Flambeau may now use the Light of Truth attainment with no existing light source.

Spreading penalties:

Easily combustible material (dry wood, paper, undead): -0

Hardly combustible material (wet wood, living creature): -2

Non-combustible material (metal, asphalt): -5

Optional Arcanum: Spirit 3

Spirits are, like the proverbial moth, attracted by the flame. The Flambeau may summon to an existing flame all fire associated spirits at a distance of 10*[size of the fire]*[Flambeau's Spirit rating] yards. A fire associated spirit may be from either the Fire Descant of the elemental Choir or the Reactionnary Descant of the Conceptual Choir. At storyteller's discretion, a particular fire artwork may attract other kinds of spirits. In this case, the success on the creation of the artwork replace the size of fire in calculating the distance of summoning. For the spirits, the fire seems to generate an infinite flow of Essence of the right resonance they can harvest. In fact, this essence is a fake one that they can store but has no effect when used. Only a spirit with a Rank superior than the Flambeau Spirit rating may discover he has been tricked. On the other side of the gauntlet, the summoning also work, but to calculate the summoning distance, the size of the fire (or the success of the fire artwork creation) is reduced by the strenght of the gauntlet. The Flambeau may not choose which spirits could come and which couldn't.

Once summoned to the flame, the Flambeau can take control of one of the spirit's influence, with a Manipulation+Persuasion+Spirit versus the spirit's Resistance roll. The influences rolls are made with the spirit's attributes. If the spirit's ban forbid the spirit to use his influence

in some situations, the Flambeau cannot control the spirit's influence in these situations.

3rd Attainment: Thunderous Flammes

Force 4

With a Word of Wrath, the Flambeau can summon the thunderous fire from Heaven. With a Presence+Intimidation+Force reflexive roll versus target Stamina+Gnosis or Durablity (on inanimate object), a fire of size 0 and intensity 0 is set, with no already existing source. In the same turn, the use of Feeding the Fire allows the Flambeau to increase these values. A size 0 fire won't remain after the first turn of the summoning, striking like ligtning, while an intensity 0 fire won't do any harm. Some Flambeau use these Ghostly Flammes (as they call it) as a mantle, addind their Force rating to their Intimidation roll, without harming themselves. The Flambeau can also now reduce a fire to nothing with Feeding the Fire, Rendering it unharmful (intensity 0) or estinguish it (size 0)

Optional Arcanum: Spirit 4

The Flambeau can now bind spirits called by Feeding the Fire to an existing flamme, with a Manipulation+Persuasion+Spirit roll versus the spirit's resistance. Once binded, the spirit cannot escape without magical assistance, unless the fire run out, which result in discorporation of the spirit. The spirit cannot estinguish himself the fire via influences or numina, which he still possess in this fire form (the Flambeau may still control the spirit's numina). The spirit may control his own fire form as the Flambeau with Feeding Fire, with a Power+Finesse roll, but cannot spread on non-combustible materials. Such materials are usually used as ward by the Flambeau. The Flambeau may take control of the fire form by scoring more success on Feeding the Fire than the spirit. If he wear the fire form as a mantle, he keep the control for a full scene, as long he keep it as a mantle (of burning or ghostly flames). He can also bind several spirits to the same fire form. Each turn, only the spirit who score the most success on the control roll actually control the fire form, unless the spirits inside agree on who is the leader. A fire cannot hold more spirits than its size. If the size of the fire is reduced somehow, spirits collapse on themselves, fusioning or creating Magaths, at storyteller discretion. Fusioned spirits escape the binding, unless rebinded in the same scene (the spirit will be always lured by the fire until then)

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Thanks nepher, the attainements you made really gave the legacy more personality and, with their spirit twist, added a factor that i didn't incorparate the first time i envisioned the forked dragon. It kind relates to the original flambeau concept as the hermetic house also employed fire spirits, and is really apropriate.

great work ^^


I was reading the guardian of the veil book and together with the legacies shown in other books I'm getting the impression that the concept of the legacies i have written are too broad by comparison. I don't know, but i would like to ask your opinions about it. Should these four conversions of the hermetic houses be redisigned to fill a more focused role? If so, do you have any suggestions?

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Legacies can be broad (Perfected Adepts) or extremely narrow, as seen in several of the ones in Legacies: The Ascended. Feel free to find a happy medium between the two, but keep in mind that if you plan on associating several groups together, chances are there would both be some overlap, and also some very specific features.

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