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Sasha Wave Runner

Okay, Who all has a DA account?

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I've been noticing far more that a lot of us are on DeviantArt.

Who all has an account and a gallery there? Come on, show yourselves so we may marvel and ooo and ahhh over your work! I know I'm always interested in seeing anyone's artwork.


You can find my DA profile at Gallery of CelticWolfwalker (Milena)

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Hey, it's Dream! That's beautiful, Exit!

I'll add you guys, too, at some point, but my DA account is a disaster area right now. I haven't caught up on it in more than a month. tongue2.gif

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Whoo, more DA people! Those are some great anthros, Shiinma. And Joslyn, lovely poetry. Very evocative.

I'm glad you rooted this one out. I'm sure we've got people who joined since the beginning of last year who have some lovely art to share. :D

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