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A Mortal to Mage chronicle idea

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I just finished reading Mysterious Places the other day, and damn, I must say it's a good read (except for the junkyard, I didn't find that one nearly as fun).

Anyhow, I got an idea from a chronicle right off the bat. The university.

The story describes the runes that the professors had found to be for "awakening potential". The assumption throughout the story was that the runes awakened the University's potential. But what if that isn't it at all?

The university is now a concious entity, but it knows that it has a purpose. Somewhere in the world, are the people it is looking for. The people it has been awakened to find. And it will do everything in it's power to find them, so that it can return to being just a university.

Another change I am making to the story is the way the professors awoke the school. The story says they did it in the chemistry lab, but in this chronicle, they awoke it in a storage room, deep within the university. A few months after the strange events started happening, the professors went back to check the storage room. Inside, they found something terrifying. Something growing.

A massive beating heart. The core of the awakened university.

The professors quickly found that they were the only ones that could see it, and being fairly timid, the only thing they did was studied it. But then the suicides began to happen. Every few days, a student would be found inside the storage room, dead. The method varied, but each time, it was in the storage room, draped over the heart, almost hugging it. And also, they would have strange writings carved into their bodies. Sometimes it would be the "awakening runes". Sometimes it would be actual english writing, saying things like "it looks but it does not see" over and over again. As such, the professors finally built up enough resolve to try and enter and burn the damn thing, and end this nightmare. But it didn't work. Nothing worked. So in the end, they decided to board the room up, and put a few chains and locks over it. They hoped that would stop the suicides, and it did.

And thus the chronicle starts.

The chronicle starts with a handful of students who just enrolled in this university. The mysterious events described in the story have been going on for some time now, but has not been publisized at all. In fact, the university likes to hide it's supernatural nature from newcomers for as much as weeks after they first join. All the better to ensnare them.

The students go about their daily lives on campus, noticing increasingly wierd things happen. Eventually, they start to investigate, and somehow draw the attention of the university, which immediately realize that these are the people it is looking for.

So now the school starts manipulating them directly, via illusions and such. They meet each other, and become friends, without realizing they have been manipulated to do so. They then are led to believe that the professors (the ones who started this mess) are cultists who are behind the events that are tormenting them and the other students, so eventually they are manipulated to kill the professors. They find the keys to the storage room, and open it, and they too see the beating heart. And then they touch it...

and feel a strange need to carve their names upon it...

And then they awaken, both metaphoricly and literally, feeling like they have been unconsious for days. They're inside the storage room, but the heart is gone.

Everyone is gone.

The entire campus has been emptied of people.

What do they do?


So, whaddaya think? happy.gif

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Give me a few days, I am busy with other things but I like it so far but I will give suggestions if you want as time allows.

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That has the makings of a wonderfully creepy tale. If you don't mind, I would like to do something similar in my own chronicle...

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I would be honored to have my little tale yoinked =D

First I wouldn't call this a little tale, it is the beginning of what could be a very epic story, and YOINK!!!

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