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Images of Exaltation

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Ahh, I can't provide a link, but today at the library I found the series bible and concept art for an animated series named "18 Days." I don't know when this show might be produced -- the book is from 2010.

This is [going to be] an epic retelling of the Mahabharata, re-imaged in a hybrid steampunk-futuristic-bronze age setting with dinosaurs, lizard men, beastmen, half-demons, sorcerers, vimana airships, laser canons, powerbows, impossibly huge armies, magical nuclear bombs, and intricately decorated magical armor straight out of Exalted's first age. I saw the cover artwork and immediately said "Exalted!" The interior art mostly looks like some kind of First Age warfare, except with fewer charms in the combat scenes. I really want to watch this show now.

Oh, and the first episode begins with a summary of the Hindu concept of the wheel of ages, the decline from the incomprehensibly utopian Golden Age, through the Silver Age to the Dwapara Yuga which ends with the spectacularly huge battle of the Mahabharata. (In this series the battle is so epic that it causes Pangaea to split apart into the current continents.) The last age is the Kali Yuga, the horribly wretched, corrupted, blighted age in which we live today, which will end in an apocalyptic annihilation of all life. It was like a condensed Exalted-becomes-the-World-of-Darkness setup, all in gorgeous concept art.

I take that back, there are websites:



But despite the promise it would be available on DVD come spring 2010, I see no sign that this happened.

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