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Found 6 results

  1. The day I never thought I'd see has finally come!! https://kotaku.com/vampire-the-masquerade-bloodlines-is-getting-a-sequel-1833479366 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SYvWfDxhm_s
  2. Mr Gone's Patreon

    Sharing this here cause Gone's likely far too busy to use this site much at present, and I'd like to see his site not only survive but thrive. It's high time he got paid something for his constant due diligence in both making excellent quality sheets that even White Wolf themselves prefer using and doing so of his own free will, in his spare time, for nothing, while paying to keep a site archiving all of his content!! Thus, he has finally made a Patreon to help keep himself afloat in doing this sort of thing!! Please support it if you can!! I would, but as many here may know my living situation is and pretty much always has been tenuous at best. Also, if he or the other mods have any objections based on either him wanting to be the one to upload this or it being too much of "advertising" for the site, please let me know and I or any other mods can take the post down, straight away!! Just give me a heads up notification msg if you do while I'm away!! Thank you!!! https://www.patreon.com/mrgone
  3. Hello again. I see that almost no one is here still. And it makes me very sad and confused. I have done my best in spreading awareness, but to no avail. I am determined to change that. SnE has been a nexus of awe inspiring and amazing creativity, and I aim to see that happen again, whether it takes 1 year or 5 years! So, as a precursor: Project Lovebomb status: I made several posts and tweets in my twitter, facebook, tumblr, blog and so on. A few people tried joining at first but that was when the captcha fubar was discovered, so I'm pretty sure they ended up in limbo and forgot about this place again pretty quick. Since then I've had no luck when bringing it up at all, even with friends who like roleplay. I'm having trouble figuring out if it's my approach, or their time available and the commitment of a forum, or something else entirely. But anyway I welcome any and all feedback on how to bring this place back to life! It needs to happen! We can make SnE great again! World of Darkness itself as you know just got a new lease on life, and beyond that I don't believe the tabletop will ever die so long as we don't have a nuclear holocaust or something. So please, give me feedback on how to make this happen! Also an update on my life: I've had an insanely bizarre and arduous journey so far, to the point where suicide seems welcoming almost every single day. Not to make it a sob story, but suffice it to say it's been rough. But now after being beyond patient with my circumstances and the demands of other people, I'm about to be in a place where I: feel at home mentally/physically/spiritually/emotionally have a living space and am still in a place that is isolated enough to keep me sane but not too far from civilization am collaborating on tons of projects and ideas can finally achieve financial stability So, to that end, I have created a new community page on a new social media site, as well as have begun the process of making my first video game! If anyone here would like to hear more on the game or other things, let me know. More importantly, if anyone here is deadly serious about bringing their own projects to life, and would like to join, let me know. Let me tell you about our group: Project Jericho is a community group for people who have been long aspiring to create and collaborate but have not had opportunity, support, knowledge, help or financial means to make it viable. It is a co working space online for your personal projects, to get feedback and help whenever possible, ie whenever we have time to spare. At this point it is just starting, and we are basically relying on making enough progress to do crowdfunding and finish our projects in the future. But I promise you, it will grow and expand. I'm thinking specifically of Jagash and Mr Gone and possibly Libra and Mortekai, but any who are serious about their craft and would like the opportunity to join are welcome. My projects so far: My first video game A tabletop WoD epic A WoD supplement The rest are still in brainstorming phase. Thanks for reading!
  4. So, then, second editions all around. WoD Second Edition - News From GenCon 2014 Requiem, Forsaken, Awakening and Lost are all to be released as 2nd Edition, along with the Blue Book. We already have Vampire 2nd: it's called Blood and Smoke. Furthermore, there seems to be another new title slated for next year, going by the name Beast: the Primordial. No further news on that as yet.
  5. http://theonyxpath.com/from-gen-con-onyx-path-release-schedule-aug-2013-aug-2014/#comment-3553
  6. The God-Machine Chronicle is available on DriveThruRPG, along with a bonus item - a separate document with just the new rules crunch. New WoD Rules Update - currently FREE on DriveTheuRPG The God-Machine Chronicle - Link to DriveThruRPG The game is almost nine years old, and these are the first major revision to the basic rules, as well as a good long look at the God-Machine as the basis for your mortals WoD game. Some of the rules are changes - there is a new rule change for Attribute, Skill and Merit points purchase at chargen, for instance. There is a new rule on Specialities as well. There is a new mechanic, Aspirations; a player can list a short-term and/or long-term goal for their character. The rules for Vices and Virtues have also changed - your Vice doesn't have to put you at risk any more to gain Willpower, and the Vices and Virtues themselves have changed, no longer based on the Seven Deadly Sins or their Virtuous counterparts. Also, one character's Vice might be another character's Virtue ... and some characters can have two Vices and/or two Virtues ... Virtues can now be Loving, Humble, Honest etc, and Vices such as Hateful, Deceitful, Arrogant, Cruel or Corrupt. Morality has been entirely replaced by a new trait called Integrity. There is a new mechanic, Breaking Points, which basically are triggered if a character does something that crosses a line, or endures some incredible experience. There are other new mechanics, but I haven't had time yet to see them all. Conditions - such as Claimed, Enchanted, Enthralled, Exhausted, Drugged - all-new Experience rules; Beats, completely revised Merits rules, including Merits found in other WoD books and even Hunter: the Vigil. My Trained Observer Merit from Dogs of War has been included here. So has the Small Unit Tactics Merit. The Tier system from Hunter: the Vigil is also in here. The rules changes are profound enough that they are going to be used as the default rules for everything written from this point forwards. You'll most likely see these new rules at play in the new Demon game, and most certainly they turn up in Blood and Smoke: the Strix Chronicles for Vampire: the Requiem. Wonder if the new Requiem mechanics will be included in their own separate free supplement? In any case, the new mechanics represent a comprehensive revision of all of the rules from the old Blue Corebook, especially the Morality mechanic - now Integrity for mortals - and experience and Merits, which have been entirely rewritten completely. Comments? Thoughts?