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Found 2 results

  1. Vampire: the Requiem 2nd Edition is now available in PDF and Hardcover editions! Note: This was previously published as Blood and Smoke: the Strix Chronicle, now retitled with a new cover and an index. Vampire: the Requiem 2nd Edition contains: - A complete guide to playing a vampire in the World of Darkness. No other rulebooks are required, and the rules are fully compatible with The God-Machine Chronicle. - Reimagined clans, covenants, and supernatural powers to create your perfect monster... and her friends and foes. - A first-ever look at vampire domains around the world, from Tokyo to Berlin. - Twenty unique Strix, as well as complete rules for building your own. http://flamesrising.rpgnow.com/product/123898
  2. Hi sweets, I finally found two other people who will be playing WoD with us. And of course I have to be the ST. I am a little bit worried as I never did ST for more than 1 player ... But that's not the issue I need help with, they know that and they promised not to be so hard on me. We decided to set our VTR campaign in London. Last week we met and discussed characters they want to play. My husband decided for Gangrel bloodline, Hounds of Acteon (National park keeper), and the other two chose Nosferatu (writer who lost his muse) and Mekhet (private investigator) So now I have to prepare story and I need help with it. I didn't think much about it, yet.... If you have some storyhooks or even a little ideas about London Kindred or plots I could use, I would really welcome it. I was thinking about making the Prince of London a woman, probably Ventrue. In last two games we played the Prince of San Francisco and Prince of L.A. were both Daeva. I need a change. Just antyhing that could spark the inspiration inside of me is welcomed. Thank you! Nossie