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Found 3 results

  1. Spreading The Word

    Just posted the link on a Facebook topic initiated by Matt McFarland, featuring several staff members who worked on C20. I'm also posting the link to this site to interested parties who keep coming to me asking about how to join. So word is starting to spread. And I recommend that everybody who's just turned up here, whether you are newbies or returnees, or old dogs like me who never left, share the hell out of this board as freely as possible. The games, from V20, W20, M20 and now C20, are drawing attention back to Shadownessence. This place is experiencing a resurgence, and it can only happen if people are made aware of its return. Shadownessence has a name which definitely precedes it. It more or less succeeded Ex Libris Nocturnis as the go to site for White Wolf fans, and in its first heyday it was riotous. And we can now give this place a chance to experience a new heyday, potentially even bigger than its zenith all those years ago. And it is up to you. Let's all become a part of this. Bring SnE back to the top, where it belongs.
  2. Project Lovebomb

    I've been considering organising the way we forumites publicise Shadownessence and bring the existence of this site to the public's awareness. There are three ways this can be done:- One, by finding any excuse to name check the name Shadownessence at least once a day in a public venue somewhere; Two, by posting links to SnE at least once every couple of days online on one's social media; Three, by occasionally changing our signatures on social media platforms - e.g. email, or some other forum - to include a link to SnE. Doesn't have to be permanent; just decide that you'll put the link in your sig for the next dozen emails or so, or for one hour during one session in a given week. If every forumite gets together and does this on a regular basis, along with semi-regular blitzes over the weekend where we post SnE links to our Facebook, G+, Twitter and tumblr accounts, we can at least say that we've been doing our bit to keep the flame alive. It would also help if we keep one another apprised of new nWoD and oWoD stuff that has been released, so we can let people know about it and come to SnE to see what the new material is about. Already we've let the opportunities slip to publicise the God-Machine Chronicles, Demon: the Descent, Flowers of Hell and Heirs to Hell; even if it isn't my cup of Vitae, I still post about them to my social media accounts and let everyone know that I will be opening a line of discussion here to talk about them. Soon, Onyx Path are going to release World of Darkness and Vampire: the Requiem Second Edition to mark the 10th anniversary of these games. And I want the forum to come together to blast out the news that we will be discussing those reboots right here, so that would be the perfect jumping-on time to join, or rejoin, Shadownessence. I call this Project Lovebomb.
  3. Reaching Light - Worldwide Implications Of UK Net Censoring Law Just in case you're wondering, this site is a web forum - this bad law covers this, and could potentially censor SnE from the UK. Also, the topic covered by this blog - roleplaying games, with occult themes - covers not one, but two kinds of esoteric content. So you can see that this is a big topic. And it could affect everyone here.