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Found 4 results

  1. Just wanted to say hello!

    Hello! I've been a fan of Vampire for about five years now, and I stumbled onto this forum by chance and thought I might give it a go. I'm a graduate student in Medieval History living in the UK ( originally from the US). I mostly play Dark Ages, as most of you would probably expect, so you'll probably spot me over there most of the time. Anyway, I look forward to getting to know you all.
  2. Welcome to The World of Darkness

    Hi everyone, and all to the fans of the Classic World of Darkness, I've been a lover of White Wolf games since I first looked at Changeling: The Lost, it so took me in because of it calling beauty. I wanted more so I began to research White Wolf and it other gamelines. It introduce me to the world of RPG's, and I fell in love with the Classic World of Darkness, I've heard of this chat forum when I was spending my time researching The World of Darkness. Nice to now be part of a life time of fans and to be part of a community of lovers of this wonderful mythology that spoke out to us.
  3. I exist?

    Well, hello there all. I've been poking around here, and decided to make an account and post and whatnot. Um, well... I suppose you can call me Mo. I'm an avid roleplayer, and I find that the Old World of Darkness is one of my favorite settings. I enjoy the whole spectrum of the setting, from Werewolf to Changeling, from Mage to Kindred of the East. Well, uh... Now that the initial awkwardness is over with... *ahem* On to more awkwardness! Awaaaaaay!!!
  4. Another soul lost to the shadows

    Hello there. I posted here a few years ago (as Villon) but one could say I'm just as good as new at this point. I've been running my own Paris by Night (in old and new WoDs existing as parallel universes of sorts, separated yet linked to each other) and have played in numerous games over the years. I'm a fan of both old and new WoDs. Favorite games: The Masquerade, The Requiem, The Created, though really I like and use them all. Thank you for this venue and sparing the time to read this.