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Found 1 result

  1. Unsatisfied with Leviathan: The Tempest and Dragon: The Embers, I've decided to take my own hand at these fansplats. In my scheme, Leviathans and Dragons are spin-offs of Werewolf: The Forsaken due to similar ideas and whatnot, using the shapechanger rules from War Against The Pure (and to a much lesser degree that awful piece of work, Changing Breeds), because I can't be bothered to spend time coming up with dozens of new systems. Creature: The Primordial, a storytelling game of wonder and glory. Theme: Divine Right. The Old Ones are the descendants of Tiamat and Bahamut, and believe it is their divine right to rule the heavens and the earth. However, at every turn they are confronted with their increasing irrelevance in a world that no longer remembers or needs them. Every scrap of power is fought for with blood-stained claw and silvered tongue, otherwise they face stagnation and obscurity. Mood: Self-Abomination. For all their pretension, the truth is that the Old Ones hate themselves. And why wouldn’t they? The progeny of the mother goddess shouldn’t be slimy, hideous freaks! With reckless abandon they murder, they rape, they steal... how can kings be worse than their subjects? My version of Leviathans, or "old ones" and "elder things" as they are also called, are the descendants of Tiamat, five-headed dragon-queen of Mesopotamian mythology, and Bahamut, water-dwelling dragon-king of Arabic mythology. There are at least three "types" of Leviathans: Deep Ones, Ghouls, and "The Worm that Walks" (the idea of having three or more splats is something I've borrowed from After Sundown, Frank Trollman's rip-off of World of Darkness). Deep Ones are basically the same guys described in Leviathan: The Tempest. Fish people, frog people, squid people, and generally anything aquatic. The example splat is the Brineborn (were-fish). Ghouls are those weird things described in the fiction in the Hunter: The Vigil rulebook. They aren't related to the ghouls in Vampire or the ghouls in Wicked Dead. Their image draws from Egyptian mythology, Arabic folklore, and the Cthulhu mythos. They can transform into dog-like animals, use necromancy, and they eat human carrion. The Worm that Walks is essentially a hive of bugs living in symbiosis with a human "shell." Or a mass of bugs in the shape of a human being. Or a person who can turn into a giant bug, or vice versa. It varies. The example splat is the Unclean Ones (were-cockroaches). The Cycle of Extinction The Moon came into existence 4 billion years ago, when a meteor hit the earth. The alien energies of the meteor created the Moon, and the conflicting pulls of the Moon and Sun created the first life on Earth. The first dominant race on Earth were the Sulfur-Breathers, who died out when the "oxygen catastrophe" suffocated them, leaving only anaerobic bacteria as their legacy. The next rulers of Earth were the Megarthropods, who died out when the oxygen levels became too low to sustain their massive bulk, though a small few of their kind still survived in a degenerate state on the remote Henders Island, having somehow developed lungs and bones. In their wake, the Dragons became the next dominant race, but destroyed themselves when the unstable energies of the Black Moon caused it to explode, casting the world into shadow. According to myth, the primordial creatures, or "old ones" as they're commonly called, are the descendants of Tiamat and Bahamut, powerful dragons who hid in the deepest oceans and let the surface world pass them by, which saved them from the extinction of their kin. These two became the inheritors of a new paradise, where they spawned countless offspring: fish-people, scorpion-men and more, inspiring countless myths of gods and monsters that would later be told by humans. A note on "reproduction" Some of the Old Ones reproduce though sex, such as the Brineborn, while others recruit from unfortunate mortals. The Unclean Ones, for example, can only reproduce themselves through food tainted with their Primal Urge. Inspirations http://web.archive.o.../mythos_project http://mrgone.rockso...sc/wocrules.pdf Dragon: The Fireborn, a storytelling game of legends and lore. Theme: Restraint. Like the werewolves they call kin, the Fireborn must constantly resist the fires of Luna’s Rage, or they risk repeating the errors of their ancestors and destroying the world in the process. Mood: Nostalgia. The time of the dragons is over, and has been for a very long time. Even in light of their hubris, the Fireborn yearn for the days when they ruled the world just as much as the Mages yearn for the totalitarian oligarchy that was Atlantis. Every scrap of knowledge from these all-but-forgotten eras is precious and presents an advantage over their rivals and enemies. My version of Dragons are the reincarnated souls of Dragons in human bodies, which is the same basic plot as the roleplaying game Fireborn. The backstory borrows heavily from Nephilim (which directly inspired Mage: The Awakening, but that's another story). Mages got the details wrong: not only were the dragons violently felled from grace, but this happened circa 65 million years before humans discovered the island where Atlantis would be built. In the land before before time, dinosaurs built a vast empire in their cathedral forests using the magic granted to them by the Supernal. They worshipped Luna as their mother, and venerated madness and change and ever-greater depravities. Eventually, the Tyrannosaur-King Mu decided to build a second moon in the sky. This second moon, the Black Moon, was unstable. It shattered, nearly destroying the world with its debris and the ash choking the sky; the dinosaurs died off in the resulting cataclysm, while mammals quickly ran to take their place. It was believed, though such matters of faith can't be proven, that this was God's punishment on the Saurians for their hubris, so this event was called the Hammer of God. However, those few dragons who did not fall prey to the lure of Mu's promise, who resisted the madness of Mother Luna, found their spirits preserved by their connection to the White Moon, and reincarnated into the bodies of the surviving reptiles, and later the humans who rose to replace them. These dragons remember well the mistakes of their past, and vowed never to repeat them. In the interest of saving time, the basic rules for these "were-dragons" will use the rules for Mokole from the Werewolf Translation Guide's web enhancement. http://www.zeropoint...nslation-guide/ The Nature of Reincarnation The original dragons were formed from the bodies of countless dinosaurs of all kinds merged together; While the species changed over time, the basic idea of starting out as smaller forms, and then merging into larger and larger forms remained the same. The dragons of mythology were one of the latter stages of this metamorphosis; then they started transforming into terrible continent-sized gods and monsters like Jormungand, Nighogg, Tiamat, Leviathan, Behemoth, Ziz, and goodness-knows-what-else! Though the Hammer of God tore them apart, these shattered souls form the basis of the reincarnation cycle that has served them for the last 65 million years. While forced to inhabit human bodies, they can call upon their memories of their true selves and transform their hosts into a semblance of the dragons they once were. When a Dragon dies, their spirit is eternal, and is reborn into a new body in the future. This process is sometimes random, sometimes directed by the dragon’s soul, and sometimes subject to the whims of Fate. The downside, however, is that Dragons must rediscover their memories each life. Lost Memories When a Dragon goes through her first change, she does not have complete memories of her ancient past. These are rediscovered over time. However, the histories that dragons have pieced together are fragmentary and riddled with contradictions. Even the story of the the Saurians and the Black Moon explained above is not accepted by all dragons; others subscribe to the belief that dragons came to Earth from the Astral Plane and ruled over humans, before their hearts and souls were cut out and eaten by human rulers, given them a perverse form of immortality; and yet others believe that dragons were created by Gaea for the purpose of recording her memory, but if this is true, then the dragons have done a poor job of it. Some believe that the true history can never be discovered because is constantly changes due to the "quakes" in time and space caused by the birth and re-opening of the Abyss. Others believe that history is what they make of it. It is unclear whether the souls of dragons really do reincarnate or whether certain special humans merely recall genetic memories passed down from their tree shrew ancestors. The primary evidence for the latter is the occasional event where two dragons in the same time period possess the same "reincarnated" identity, which is inconsistent with the belief that a dragon's memories are carried by their soul. If this is true, it raises the question of how the tree shrews acquired the dragon's legacy in the first place. Those who subscribe to this hypothesis variously claim the intervention of Mother Luna in some way. The Lunar Connection While Dragons may worship the Moon as their mother, this does not mean Luna literally gave birth to them. According to draconic myth, the first dragons were formed from "elemental dust in moonlight" or "condensed moonlight" depending on the source. As a result, Dragons are technically brethren to the werewolf clans spread across the earth. This doesn't mean they're chummy, however. Werewolves do not know that dragons exist other than as children's stories, and the dragons themselves care little for the affairs of werewolves unless it directly benefits them, and see their siblings as little more than degenerates in slavery to their mother's madness. Unlike werewolves, Dragons do not have a specific vulnerability to silver. However, they do have a vulnerability to gold, as wounds inflicted by it are much slower to heal, though it does not burn their flesh through simple contact. Dragons believe this is because their long history of devotion to Luna, above and beyond any mortal religion, has earned them the envy of Apollo, Luna's twin brother and rival. The Abyss The Black Moon, though shattered, was not destroyed entirely, merely shunted elsewhere. When mages discovered Atlantis, the remnants of Mu's mighty capital, they grew greedy and sought to conquer the Supernal. The resulting Abyss was a gateway to the parallel universe of the Black Moon, Da'ath, allowing all sorts of monstrosities to enter the world, including the pale shadows of Mu's followers, long thought dead. (See the chapter on Kaballah in Magical Traditions for more on Da'ath) The terrible anti-universe that the Black Moon was banished to did not exist before it was forced into being by the Hammer of God, but since then it has existed retroactively, taking on a perverse existence all its own. Mages mistakenly call it the Abyss, but that name does not do it justice. It is a bestial force of chaos and dissolution. Its names are many: Tiamat, Hell, Apep, Sheol, R'lyeh, Annwn. It is the Qlippoth of Kabbalah, the forbidden Sephira of Da’ath, the Black Sun whispered in eschatology under the name Anthelios. Its servants are the Scelesti, the Nefandi, the Echthroi, personifications of nihilism who desire the union of all things into a vast nothing. The Saurians who followed Mu were not all destroyed by the Hammer of God, as was long believed. When the Atlanteans tore open the gates of the Abyss, the spirits of the surviving Saurians were among the first to return. Their time in the Abyss realm has made them unto gods, but their power on Earth is limited, leading them to bargain with naïve mortals unaware of the danger they represent. Mages see no difference between them and those things that were born in Da’ath, calling them collectively the Achamoth, but to Dragons the difference is plain as day. Ancient Ruins When the Saurians ruled, forests were magically grown into cathedrals that extended for miles into the sky (sort of like Rivendell, but bigger). Arranged using non-euclidean geometry, any modern archaeologists who happen to stumble onto the ruins risk becoming lost in an Escher-style maze and going insane from prolonged exposure, or being eaten by whatever squatters have taken up house. That's not even mentioning the caverns beneath Zealandia where some weaker dragons may have secretly survived the Hammer of God. (See page 49 of Secrets of the Ruined Temple for information on hidden ruins in general.) The Draconic Language In fact, the ability of birds to sense magnetic fields is an atrophied version of the Dragons' ability to sense the magical resonance fields that encircled and traveled across the planet to form ley lines and hallows. Their language, Draconic, used glyphs that were based on the movements of the resonance. Enochian, the language of Atlantis (distinct from Babel, the language of spirits), is essentially a bastardized version of Draconic. The scholars of Atlantis covered only a part of the world and lasted only for a few millenia, whereas the Saurian empire covered the entire planet and lasted for more than a hundred million years. They never had the time to accumulate the knowledge the Saurians had. A note on "reproduction" Dragons do not reproduce themselves like werewolves do. All dragons are reincarnated, and this does not run in families (usually). In some cases, however, a few families may carry the blood of draconic ancestors; this can have varied effects, such as making them an anchor for dragon souls or causing physical alterations.