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Found 3 results

  1. World of Darkness: historical settings FB group

    New Facebook group especially for those that make use of the WoD's historical equivalents: https://www.facebook.com/groups/WoDhistorical/
  2. Hello again. I see that almost no one is here still. And it makes me very sad and confused. I have done my best in spreading awareness, but to no avail. I am determined to change that. SnE has been a nexus of awe inspiring and amazing creativity, and I aim to see that happen again, whether it takes 1 year or 5 years! So, as a precursor: Project Lovebomb status: I made several posts and tweets in my twitter, facebook, tumblr, blog and so on. A few people tried joining at first but that was when the captcha fubar was discovered, so I'm pretty sure they ended up in limbo and forgot about this place again pretty quick. Since then I've had no luck when bringing it up at all, even with friends who like roleplay. I'm having trouble figuring out if it's my approach, or their time available and the commitment of a forum, or something else entirely. But anyway I welcome any and all feedback on how to bring this place back to life! It needs to happen! We can make SnE great again! World of Darkness itself as you know just got a new lease on life, and beyond that I don't believe the tabletop will ever die so long as we don't have a nuclear holocaust or something. So please, give me feedback on how to make this happen! Also an update on my life: I've had an insanely bizarre and arduous journey so far, to the point where suicide seems welcoming almost every single day. Not to make it a sob story, but suffice it to say it's been rough. But now after being beyond patient with my circumstances and the demands of other people, I'm about to be in a place where I: feel at home mentally/physically/spiritually/emotionally have a living space and am still in a place that is isolated enough to keep me sane but not too far from civilization am collaborating on tons of projects and ideas can finally achieve financial stability So, to that end, I have created a new community page on a new social media site, as well as have begun the process of making my first video game! If anyone here would like to hear more on the game or other things, let me know. More importantly, if anyone here is deadly serious about bringing their own projects to life, and would like to join, let me know. Let me tell you about our group: Project Jericho is a community group for people who have been long aspiring to create and collaborate but have not had opportunity, support, knowledge, help or financial means to make it viable. It is a co working space online for your personal projects, to get feedback and help whenever possible, ie whenever we have time to spare. At this point it is just starting, and we are basically relying on making enough progress to do crowdfunding and finish our projects in the future. But I promise you, it will grow and expand. I'm thinking specifically of Jagash and Mr Gone and possibly Libra and Mortekai, but any who are serious about their craft and would like the opportunity to join are welcome. My projects so far: My first video game A tabletop WoD epic A WoD supplement The rest are still in brainstorming phase. Thanks for reading!
  3. Where is Vampbook?

    A lot of people express a problem with vampires not having reliable communications across large distances, and seem to express the belief that there is no reason why vampires can't have their own equivalent of Facebook. I would like to argue that the reason such a "Vampbook" does not exist is due to the extreme security issues that would arise. How would vampires become aware of it, separated by time and distance? How would their identities be verified? How would sensitive or proprietary information be kept secret? What's to stop the system from being hacked, vandalized, or otherwise compromised? What kind of rewards exist that would outweigh the enormous risks? For example, GURPS Vampire: The Masquerade has opening fiction in the form of a chat room log, which involves a mortal successfully infiltrating a multi-sect vampire chat room. The only reason they are discovered is because the chat room itself is shut down by the Camarilla and all those involved are hunted down. In the real world, using Facebook or Twitter to conduct riots is ineffective, since the police can just read your wall and be there waiting for you (as many Occupy Wallstreet protestors found out). Real social networking sites are notoriously prone to privacy problems. For an analogy, imagine if serial killers, pedophiles, and other horrible criminals decided to make "Murderbook" so that they could share tips. Logistically, they would need countless layers of secrecy and encryption on a truly massive level, because even one mistake means certain death. Similar examples include Mafiabook, Terroristbook, Pimpbook, Torrentbook, etc. This isn't to say that there aren't channels of communication, but those that exist are either unique to a small and secretive circle, unreliable and unsecure due to logistics, or use magic (which defeats the point of using computers in the first place). The tried-and-true methods of couriers or coded letters offer more (not absolute) protection at the cost of speed. How do you think this could be alleviated?