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Found 1 result

  1. Blog Post Tribes. Tribes, as-is, aren't a problem for me. Bans leave a good deal of room for interpretation and that's fodder for a lot of discussion, for players or characters. They provide a fair framework for how a Tribe approaches the Hunt and favored Gift Lists lend themselves to the kinds of tools or approaches the Tribe tends to. My only real complaint is that, mechanically, violating your Tribal Ban is a Harmony 7 sin, so any given Werewolf will at best suffer that drawback once. It is a near-entirely fluff aspect and I prefer my mechanics to work in parallel with my storytelling. In the Idigam Chronicles Tribes will have a prey of choice, a foe that they feel is the greatest threat to upholding the duties inherited from Father Wolf. Tribal Bans seem to be staying, though I am unclear as to whether they will be changing or not, and that leaves me wondering just how these two will work together in giving each Tribe a clear, unique presentation. As-written the preferred prey descriptions are a bit... questionable. Blood Talons seek out other Werewolves. Bone Shadows hunt wayward Spirits. Hunters in Darkness stalk the Hosts. Iron Masters keep Man in check. Storm Lords chase the Urged and Claimed. I get the Blood Talons, that's straightforward. Their Hunt is for the Pure, Bale Hounds, and even other Forsaken who don't pull their own weight. Likewise, the Iron Masters are easy to grasp. When humanity crosses a line, or just gets to close to it, the Hunt is on. And easy enough again, the Hunters in Darkness act against the Hosts. But the last two get screwy. The Bone Shadows focus on Spirits who don't stay where they belong... but that doesn't include the Urged or Claimed (who are the chosen prey of the Storm Lords). How is that? And, while we're at it, how does that not leave the Storm Lords stepping the Iron Masters' toes as well? Obviously these aren't the exclusive and any Werewolf of any Tribe will deal with any foe they come up against but I'm not sure that I dig the Tribe = Prey of Choice angle. I want to like it, because it is new and potentially neat... but I'm concerned that it will be difficult to find just the right balance. Too much focus and it because too fixated, too little and it is pointless.