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Found 4 results

  1. Metal Gear Conversion

    For some upcoming games I'm planning on running a Metal Gear campaign using the New World Of Darkness rules. I would have thought someone beat me to the punch with making a conversion, but as it turns out either my google-fu is weak (which it probably is) or nobody has done such a thing before. My idea was to just use the main rulebook, the armoury books and maybe Dogs of War for the military aspects of it. It would really just be reworking the merits system into something more suitably Metal Gear (mostly replacing the supernatural stuff with Metal Gears technology and..supernatural stuff), with games more geared towards stealth. I also was looking for/planning on a Resident Evil conversion, but that's a bigger challenge.
  2. Demon: The ???

    The release schedule mentions that a Demon game will be released next year. This is what we've been told so far: The game will tie into the God-Machine mythos seeded throughout the previous books [source] The game will draw from Judeo-Christian sources, but not in the same way as Fallen [source] The demons' morality statistic will, apparently, determine how well they can impersonate humanity [source]
  3. The Tier system across games

    When I went through the books discussing Tiers (Hunter: The Vigil, Geist: The Sin-Eaters, Mage Chroniclers Guide, and Danse Macabre), I noticed that the relative influence between the tiers were often quite different across gamelines, sometimes dramatically so. For example, Vampire Conspiracies qualify as a tier above Hunter Conspiracies, even though both are considered tier 3. Orders would also qualify as more influential than Hunter Conspiracies, but less influential than Vampire Conspiracies. An example of what I mean is this: a Hunter conspiracy would be the Cheiron Group, an international corporation. They aren't globally influential. The Diamond Orders each have reach across entire continents, but don't control world politics. Vampire Conspiracies, like the Prima Invictus, are essentially the Illuminati: secretly puppeteering world politics. Essentially, there are tiers within tiers, if we're trying to compare the games while maintaining the divisions already in place. Tier 1 is the same across all games: Coterie, Pack, Cabal, Throng, Motley, Cell, Krewe. Individual troupes, basically. Tier 2 is noticeably different. Covenants are not comparable with Consiliums and Freeholds, which are not comparable with Compacts. Therefore, I'd divide Tier 2 into three tiers of its own: Tier 2-1 is the Covenant and Sin-Eater "factions," Tier 2-2 is the Consilium and Freehold, and Tier 2-3 is the Compact and the Sin-Eater "conspiracies." Tier 3, as mentioned before, is the most dramatically different across games. Tier 3-1 would be Hunter Conspiracies, Tier 3-2 would be Diamond Orders and Seers of the Throne, and Tier 3-3 would be Vampire Conspiracies (aka "the Technocracy with a new coat of paint" as someone once put it). Tier 4 doesn't officially exist yet, but it can be assumed to include Archmastery. I'm not really sure why the Tiers are so different, but I assume that it is due to power creep, which is an inevitable process so I have no room to complain.
  4. I was reading this thread about revising Wraith, when someone asked about a nWoD incarnation. Apparently no one was aware of Tremlett's remake of the game. For everyone's convenience, I've uploaded the last draft onto Scribd, plus the rules for Ossification I got through email and two character sheets by MrGone and Renfield. Comments? EDIT: I've also included this example character converted from the one in the Oblivion rulebook.