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Found 2 results

  1. Metal Gear Conversion

    For some upcoming games I'm planning on running a Metal Gear campaign using the New World Of Darkness rules. I would have thought someone beat me to the punch with making a conversion, but as it turns out either my google-fu is weak (which it probably is) or nobody has done such a thing before. My idea was to just use the main rulebook, the armoury books and maybe Dogs of War for the military aspects of it. It would really just be reworking the merits system into something more suitably Metal Gear (mostly replacing the supernatural stuff with Metal Gears technology and..supernatural stuff), with games more geared towards stealth. I also was looking for/planning on a Resident Evil conversion, but that's a bigger challenge.
  2. Hosted here is an unofficial guide for converting Reckoning to the nWoD. It seems to work pretty well, but I've got a few tweaks and clarifications I'd like to mention. Edge Rolls It may seem a bit strange to some that supernatural powers granted by the Messengers would be affected by the character's mundane skill level. If you would prefer not to use skill modifiers, then a simple substitute would be to roll {[Attribute x2] + Virtue}. Conviction In the guide, Conviction is treated as having permanent and temporary ratings, like Willpower. The temporary score cannot exceed the permanent score. Now, I'm hosting a character sheet for using the Imbued in Vigil, with a section for the character's profession, but I've made a minor adjustment to the way Conviction is handled: underneath the Conviction pool is a line for "starting conviction." This is what the guide refers to as "permanent conviction," but it doesn't limit the Conviction pool (the max is 10, as before); instead, "starting conviction" works more like Permanent Vitality in Orpheus: it's the amount that the Conviction pool naturally regenerates up to between stories (a story consists of several chapters, or sessions). Initially it starts at 3 or 4 and can be increased through the Big Gamble, but can never exceed Purpose, as described in the guide. Supernatural Advantage While Purpose serves as both Morality and a limiter on how high Virtues and Starting Conviction can soar, Imbued do not actually have a Supernatural Advantage rating because spending a point of Conviction allows them to automatically succeed on rolls to resist mind-control and illusions. However, without Conviction points they are just as vulnerable as any normal person. Template Imbued are considered a major template, and cannot learn Thaumaturgy, be Embraced, et cetera. All attempts to do so automatically fail. Profession Imbued may have Professions and take dots in the Professional Training merit, representing their lives before they were imbued. See the Vigil rulebook for more details.