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Found 1 result

  1. setting: Las Vegas, once the pride gem of the Camarilla hold upon the Western coast. Unconquerable for many years by any other faction. But that would only last for so long, before a corrupted.. power seeking Toreador obtained the title of Baron. The first few years seemed to go smoothly, but that was just due to Baron Anthony was learning the ropes and that of those that stood behind him. As time continued to pass, Anthony wanted more.. including getting into the casino business. This action would upset both the ArchBishop and remaining Elders. Anthony became too flashy and was on the verge of breaking the Masquerade, remaining quite powerful which lead to jeopardize both the Camarilla’s and Sabbat’s presence within the city. His meetings within the Rothsteins were unknown.. but could have been regarding ghosts, old gangster money and rumors of mysterious treasures buried within the Vegas deserts. With Anthony being willing to jeopardize so much, it would lead to his down fall.. being murdered. Each faction seemed to have a good reason to do the deed. But just which one, was the question that remained. The Sabbat seemed to gain more presence within the city, making them the lead faction. But as Vegas was within the Anarch Free States, that would raise enough concern for all factions to try and obtain control of the territory. play location: forums, chat and Discord url: http://www.sinfulafterdark.com/