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  1. How do you figure Panda? So far 12 like Awakening better and 5 like Ascension better.
  2. No you can't, they are both instant actions and can't be used in the same turn. And also wanted to point out that spending vitae on physical rolls only increases the Dice for the roll not the Dots.
  3. I'm going to have to sharply disagree with that. Awakening is just as deep as Ascension is.
  4. I like Skeloric's idea alot. Call it "Blood XP" or something similar and give it whenever they spend time doing things that could increase the Blood Potency like the rituals I mentioned or when they get exception successes on Disciplines or anything else like that.
  5. You just reminded me why I got out of the Occult stuff.
  6. Your absolutely right. The perils of making a poll at work and trying to get it all in. That's why I always put an "Other" in.
  7. This came up on the "Why did you 'embrace' the New WOD" topic found here. It's been suggested that the popularity of Mage: the Awakening hinges on a person never having played or liked the original Mage: the Ascension. So here we go, a totally and completely non-scientific poll to determine if anecdotaly, Mage: the Awakening players have never played Mage: the Ascension, or if they did they don't like it. Please feel free to post any clarifications to your poll answers that you wish and share any experiences with either game that helped forge your opinions. Realize that like all polls on a
  8. You know. I have alot to say about this subject in general. I am a staunch embracee of the New World of Darkness to the point that I sold off most of my OWOD books because they weren't helping me all that much anymore. I found myself clicking on nearly every option that was on the poll. It made me wonder why I liked the Original World of Darkness so much considering I seemed to hate everything about it by the way this poll was (the only thing I didn't click was "Overpowered Splats" but that is due to my own feelings on how "overpowered" is determined.) I started Vampire with 2nd Edition and
  9. Except Diablerie gives you blood potency and a free dot in a discipline or skill. Spending Xp on BP weakens your ability to raise other traits. And besides the black veins are not always apparent and not everyone has Auspex 2 randomly scanning everyone they meet to see if they are diablierists.
  10. It would be weird but not to the point that other vampires would think something is amiss. Blood Potency is a fickle thing to be sure. And if you have players who will just start rampaging so they can spend XP on Blood Potency (which is NOT cheap) you have some weird players.
  11. Yup you can spend XP too. Basically there is alot of suggestions on what the vampire has to "do" to raise it with XP. Here are some ideas: 1. An overly active lifestyle as a vampire that often involves using disciplines, healing the body and even using the Blush of Health. By overly active I mean that nightly they are involved in such activities. 2. A concentrated effort to strengthen the blood through means like ritual prayer, meditation, mystical experimentation, etc. 3. Just because some vampires advance faster than other.
  12. Modifiers are Modifiers. There is no difference in them as far as the rules are concerned. But as I said it's a common house rule to ignore that. For example I ignore the Cap rules to allow for Awe modifiers to work.
  13. No errata required. The rules clearly state that the social dice pools effected by Humanity can never go higher than Humanity even with modifiers.
  14. Not Rules-As-Written but it is a common house rule.
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