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  1. New Era, New Stories

    Well, according to the White Wolf seminar at GenCon yesterday, Hunters (imbued and otherwise) are definitely coming back as part of The New Inquisition. You can hear my recording of the panel here. Darker Days Radio reports live from GenCon!
  2. Name your drug of choice

    Though it is called an "analgesic", you're meant to swallow it. Don't make that painful mistake.
  3. SnE Members Map

    How do you pronounce 'Kgs.", Kyrel?
  4. Anyone here play Starcraft II?

    No, but I play WoW. Blizz allows chatting between all their games. I use this same username at gmail dot com.
  5. When we were young

    I seem to have left the word "old" out of that first sentence. I have no old pictures of myself.
  6. Name your drug of choice

    Caffeine. I'm pretty boring like that.
  7. When we were young

    I have no pictures of myself. I'm not very photogenic and outside of the one in my phone I don't own a camera.
  8. The "Where'd you get yer icon?" Thread

    I made mine. Picture of the devil from nodwick.com and an image of fire.
  9. And we're back!

    Went to GenCon, worked, ate some pizza. The usual. Go onnnnnnnnnn...
  10. Today I have mainly been..............

    Today I have mainly been.... trying to look busy so noone at work bothers me I MEAN WORKING REALLY REALLY HARD!
  11. This is the thread in which we post pictures of ourselves ...

  12. Top of the Chart Song on your Birthday

    Call Me - Blondie in the U.S., Suicide Is Painless in the U.K. and I Got You - Split Enz in Australia. Also, reading a couple of your #1 songs on your birthdays has made me feel old.
  13. PDX Camarilla Chapter Naming

    Roses have thorns, right? Council of Thorns. you're welcome.
  14. Nightlife

    Even over C.J. Carella's Witchcraft?!
  15. Words from Thomas Jefferson

    I'm a fan of the term "Jingoism" for that, Zibik.