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  1. Vayan con Dios

    didn't know you that well, but from what i gleemed, from talking to you you will be missed, take care.
  2. Ghost Rider

    sorry to add to this list of hating this idea, but, c'mon.... John Blaze was possibly the most boring incarnation of Ghost Rider to come out; aside form when they axed the series back in the mid 90's, that guy just sucked. But yet again, the script writers have done it again, they took a villian out of context to fit the movie. News flash for the script writer----Blackheart wasn't introduced until Dan Ketch(sp? it's been a LONG time) Ghost Rider. But then again, maybe it will be better than when they want Richard Griecko to play him; an don the same note maybe the Dodgers will win the sieries.
  3. Hello

    hmm..... I was thinking more along the lines of kung-foo sea monkeys. now just to flood the world and the assault can begin.
  4. First Roleplaying Experience

    started RPing when i was about 10 ish. can't really call the game D&D cause it was probably the most jacked-up game to be run. after that, went to heros unlimited, then rifts, then got tired of the kill everything in sight games, and picked up Vampire. 2nd editon I belive. Now I'm 24, and I am rapidly running out of space to put all these books! time for more tote boxes....
  5. Hello

    usually my ambitions take a lot longer to reach fruition than most, so in other words, be my guest. I'll just take it over after
  6. Hello

    *bows* thank you for the warm welcome everyone, it's nice to know a few kindred spirits.
  7. Happy Birthday Jagash!

    happy birthday, Jagash. hope you have many more to come...say about three hundred or so....
  8. Constantine

    A thousand pardons. I hate it when people mess up my name too.
  9. Constantine

    just got back from the movie, and I got to say....I liked this one. Usually I'm thoroughly disappointed when I see a comic-book turned movie, (in fact, if the story was a book at all I usually pick out the mistakes as I see them. Yes, I am that guy) but I liked how the writer didn't try to cram 200 some odd issues worth of back story and character history into 2 hours 10 minutes. ( ala X-Men, X-Men 2, Hulk, Hellboy, etc.) Though, with that said, the gun part took me a back a bit. It just didn't seem to fit in with his character; and I've read that he doesn't use guns at all somewhere. (no I sadly don't own any of the Hellblazer comics, though I may pick up a few now.) Other than that though, nice job with not killing another comic book Hollywood! Hopefully this is a catchy trend where comics aren't killed for the sake of homoginizing the story for public adoration. BTW: the Lucifer scene was a tad off I have to agree with Azrael on that aspect.
  10. Constantine

    Damn, guess I'll have to see it. Was going to go on Fri., but this blasted flu-thing just wont quit. I'll have a better post after I see it.
  11. Hello

    yes! a debt minion! world domination only a little further down the line.
  12. Hello

    +takes the cyberale, downs it in two gulps+ why thank you everyone, nice to see I'm welcome. I'll try not to disapoint.
  13. Hello

    Uh... yeah, hi. figured I'd be polite and introduce myself to everyone. (why am i getting flashbacks of the first day of class? ) anywho, glad to see a lot more people think along the same wavelingth as i do. kind of scary, but normal is boring anyway. so...um...yeah....
  14. Azrael's Shadow Gallery

    Sweet! love the maelstrom. the wolf is awsome too. inspiring, i might have to try some pencils myself in the near future. do you leave them black and white, or do you ink and color them?

    May 17, 2050 wow, thats a little too soon for me......time to find some Immortality pill; or just have a massive party for the next 45 years. either way it should be fun