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  1. Staff changes and new additions

    Thank-you all very much.... Rootbeer is deliscious... Pepper is King... ~ Lord Kelemvour Lyonsbane 6th gen Lasombra ArchBishop > Watching from the Shadows.... <
  2. A private raffle for donors

    I'd be willing... ~ Kel > Watching from the Shadows.... <
  3. How do I post a user photo?

    I haven't been able to put a picture up either... ~ Kel > Watching from the Shadows.... <
  4. GreenZap Discussion

    WTF? Why did I just get a Tape recorded call from Green Zap about "Calculating Rewards" and "Not able to log into your account till the calculations are complete " and " hope to have the calculations done by June 7/05" ??? Can someone explain this?? ~ Kel > Watching from the Shadows.... <
  5. Batman....

    More Superhero Lego Goodness... http://spiteyourface.com/films.html Lots of movies on the site, the first one is about a certain Wall Crawling Superhero... ~ Kel > Watching from the Shadows.... <
  6. Batman....

    Worked fine for me... Maybe they were down briefly... ~ Kel > Watching from the Shadows.... <
  7. Batman....

    The truth should always be shared... I take No responsibility if you do hurt yourself laughing Hyacinth... More truth will be shared soon.... ~ Kel > Watching from the Shadows... <
  8. Batman....

    I got these two links from a friends Lj and just had to share... First, the Movie... http://www.daveschool.com/BATMAN/index.html Second, The Truth Revealed... http://www.shortpacked.com/d/20050610.html Hehehe... Enjoy... ~ Kel > Watching from the Shadows.... <
  9. GreenZap Discussion

    I don't need emergancy B-Day funds afterall so I decided to donate the remaining $25.00. It was an Honour... ~ Lord Kelemvour Lyonsbane 6th Gen Lasombra ArchBishop > Watching from the Shadows.... <
  10. GreenZap Discussion

    I signed up so you at least have $5 out of me. Prolly will send the other $25 but I have to see, I might need some for an emergancy B-Day Present {Damn bills got muddled on me. } Would the full $30 count as a possible Paid account? I've looked into the paid account info in the control pannel but I always get lost and forget to ask Morland... Just curious... I'm glad so many of us can give back to you for such a truely awsome WoD site. ~ Kel > Watching from the Shadows.... <
  11. Names, Names & More Names....

    I found this site a few weeks ago and decided I'd post it here for others to go visit... Kate Monk's Onomastikon {Dictionary of Names} ~ Kel > Watching from the Shadows.... <
  12. Azrael's New Avatar?

    There was a rather cool picture of a greater demon lord in the old Time Life Books series, Mysteries of the unknown... It had a cat head although I can't recall the name... He commanded 28 Demonic Legions and 14 Legions of Satanic Followers... I was impressed... ~ Kel > Watching from the Shadows.... <
  13. Argh! Quotes!

    I have no morals, but am a very moral man... - Voltaire I can think of any number of excellent quotes that would fit on one line... I just wish I could have my full signature here on Sne as I usually include a second quote to go along with the one I do have... ~ Kel > Watching from the Shadows.... <
  14. Morland and Highgate Tempress out of Action

    Good to know, I was starting to wonder what was up with them as I haven't heard anything for 2 days now.... Hopefully it will be fixed soon... ~ Kel > Watching from the Shadows.... <
  15. Maps, Maps & More Mpas...

    Maps in games are always useful things, no matter what games they might be. To that end, I present the following... http://www.dundjinni.com/ I've never used them myself but I am very interested. They were advertised on the back of Dungeon gaming magazine and from what i've seen so far, I'm impressed. The newest addition to their system is for making modern day city maps which I think many here would love to be able to create for their own games... ~ Kel > Watching from the Shadows.... <