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  1. I like the Countdown to Extinction lyrics. Due to my hearing problem I (usually) can't understand lyrics by listening to them, or contribute more, sorry.
  2. Fenris, I love this. This is my new headcanon. Now, how can Sashet Davis get any help from the Fera to help destroy the mummies? Kinda makes the situation even more hopeless, doesn't it?
  3. HHIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIII!!!!!!!! *pounces on Urabyfirst and hugs him* I'm not alone here! It's so sad seeing this place as a ghost town, when it used to be such a wonderful community. Even the avatars and user files and emoticons are gone. Anyway, I'm Erinys on Onyx Path forums as well.
  4. Bump. With the lastest server move, all the pinned topics were unpinned and I lost my sub-mod ability to pin them.
  5. Hi all, I want to buy and read Werewolf novels, and/or anthologies. Any edition or setting time period, as long as they're good. I'm hoping to avoid the books that have the most egregious of the racial and tribe stereotype stuff in them. Also, I plan to buy only a couple books, standalones or a trilogy at most. So which are the best written in terms of characters, plots without plot holes or continuity problems, theme, quality, etc? Which would you recommend?
  6. Hello folks, I'm thinking of buying WoD novels and Mage has interested me for a long time, though I've never played it. I know some stuff about the setting but don't want to spoil any potential to enjoy the game if I ever get a chance to play. I feel like the Revised setting was a bummer of a place (to live in) and am hoping to read something... more upbeat? More fantasy? More gonzo and bizarre? Also, I hate continuity errors and don't like to read things from the perspective of genocidal extremist characters. So which Mage novels are the best written, most fun, highest quality? What do
  7. So this place exists again. That's great! I even see names I recognize, and I'm impressed you people stuck with this place.

    My job is furloughed. But I'm alive, housed, and fed, and I don't have the plague. I have adorable cats, who are certain they're the most important thing in my life. My country might even still have something loosely resembling elections and allow me to vote this year... maybe.

  8. aaaand FUNDED! The stretch goals have brought us a bunch of goodies which will be bundled free with the PDF and Deluxe versions of the book for anyone who plegded to get those: 10,000 new words on the Beast Courts 10,000 new words on the Ahadi Full color intro comic An anthology of nine Fera short stories Greatly expanded write-ups on the Camazotz , Grondr, and Apis Write-ups for the extinct Khara (were-sabretooths), Okuma (East Asian Gurahl), Ratkin Bard aspect, and Mokolé turtle varna (wereturtles) Expanded section on the Ajaba diaspora More totems, rites, and fetishes fo
  9. I finally managed to log in! To anybody who can read this: The W20 edition of Changing-Breeds is up on Kickstarter. There are only 7 days left if you want to contribute, give the authors feedback, complaints, comments, etc. about the book so far (the complete text, minus stretch goals, is available online), or suggest stretch goals. http://www.kickstarter.com/projects/200664283/deluxe-w20-changing-breeds The draft is in the Updates tab. It has all the living Breeds in more detail than PGttCB has -- plus Gifts, forms, basic info, and other stuff for the 3 extinct Breeds. We
  10. Ahh, I can't provide a link, but today at the library I found the series bible and concept art for an animated series named "18 Days." I don't know when this show might be produced -- the book is from 2010. This is [going to be] an epic retelling of the Mahabharata, re-imaged in a hybrid steampunk-futuristic-bronze age setting with dinosaurs, lizard men, beastmen, half-demons, sorcerers, vimana airships, laser canons, powerbows, impossibly huge armies, magical nuclear bombs, and intricately decorated magical armor straight out of Exalted's first age. I saw the cover artwork and immediately
  11. Good ideas. The armors in Dark Ages are pretty inaccurate, and I wrote up a new version based on the armor research of people on GURPS forums whose scholarship I trust. Instead of making them inaccurately heavy, I gave them Resources ratings, like in Exalted. Equipment and Resources Every weapon and piece of armor has a Resources rating. A character must have at least the required number of dots in Resources to afford it such items. If an item requires fewer Resources than the character’s Resources rating, it is easily acquired. Within reason, a character can own or purchase any nu
  12. I think Saami should have kinfolk to Silver Fangs and Get of Fenris, of all the tribes. There's no reason they wouldn't have been breeding with those people since long before the Suomi (Finns) arrived. Uktena seem likely to try to co-opt Saami as their kinfolk as well, but only in quite recent times. But Wendigo kinfolk? That makes no sense. Russian Yupik and maybe some Kamchatkan native peoples, that could makes sense. Saami? No way. Saami aren't related to Inuit or other Native Americans, to start with. And they live on opposite sides of the arctic, for another. Oh, and in Past L
  13. Thanks for posting that! I'd had no idea they'd started already. This is gonna be so cool!
  14. Or something invisible in human form, like anosmia or no tail.
  15. On the other hand there is the trouble of direct mutation in one's gametes or gonads. Mutations in reproductive organs can get inherited by the cubs, which would be much worse.
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