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  1. And may I present...

    Really, a paper hat? Here Cain Artès, have a Gnosis smoothie, and welcome to the shadows.
  2. The Comprehensive World Of Darkness

    I'll Save You! I have a list of every original WoD and Exalted book I've ever heard of, except ExXxalted. I haven't kept track of new WoD, though. It's a large document, so you have to PM me with your email addy if you want it unzipped. Or download the zipped version here: WoD books.zip
  3. Gaaah my life is so stupid.

  4. Do not allow the WoW to suck you in. Be strong. Existence without gaming is a pale imitation of truly living, but you too can endure.

  5. If I'm unusually unresponsive, it's probably because a new Magic set is coming out soon.

  6. changing breeds

    Hello Swift Flame. It would be easier for folks to help you if you could explain your question more. First of all, do you mean original World of Darkness Changing-Breeds, or the non-Uratha shapeshifters of the new World of Darkness? (I don't know if they're also called Changing-Breeds.) Whichever it is, your question is in fact more likely to get helpful replies if it could be moved (or re-posted?) in one of the Werewolf fora: http://www.shadownessence.com/forum/forum/26-werewolf-the-apocalypse/ (Werewolf the Apocalypse) or http://www.shadownessence.com/forum/forum/105-werewolf-the-forsaken/ (Werewolf the Forsaken). Secondly, which book are you using that is unhelpful, and what do you wish to make? Are you trying to make a character, or design your own Changing-Breed? Character-creation information is one of the types of rules which White Wolf forbids fan websites from posting online or re-publishing in any way, so nobody is allowed to simply tell you how to create a character (at least, not in enough detail that you could create a working character without the specific book). However, if you are playing in a game your Storyteller should be willing and able to walk you through the process (if they don't have the required book then they shouldn't have you play a non-wolf anyway). If you have more general questions (for example, what tribes and auspices a particular Breed has, or how their Gifts are divided up) then that we can answer. Revised Edition character-creation, fluff, and rules for the original World of Darkness Fera are in the hardback Player's Guide to the Changing-Breeds, which is unfortunately a fairly rare book since it had a short print run. 2nd Edition material is in the Breedbooks and Hengeyokai. Werewolf: the Forsaken has a corresponding book which I know nothing about.
  7. Man, the longer I stay unemployed the more I worry about forgetting everything I learned in college.

  8. Maliki I finally have to ask ... what is up with your forum avatar? Are those moobs?

  9. Yeah sorry, I do have the computer working now so PMs are fine.

  10. Ok, since you wrote that PM is broke I'll try here again:

    I am in nWoD project and want to add several bat-shifter species. Two of them (all in all six species) should turn into vampire bats and spectral bats. And since you worked on the Camazotz I wanted to ask whether you would be interested.

  11. Another shout in the void

    Welcome to the shadows, Sami. Hope you enjoy it here. Here at SnE, the original games are still "in;" we don't give a fart whether whether other people think out-of-print games shouldn't be played. So please check out our forums, too!
  12. Bunyip

    Well, ImageShack had a server crash and that's what happened to the images I lost. So I need to re-scan it., but unfortunately don't know when I'll be able to. Thinking about this picture now, I'm still very happy with how the anatomy turned out, but what's with the peaceful, calm attitude? Somehow I was still subscribing to the stereotype of Bunyip as peaceful and calm and all. If I were to re-draw this today, the Bunyip would be scary and aggressive while in Crinos, because that's what Crinos is for.
  13. Bunyip

    Piece of turd imageshack deleting my images for no reason! *shakes fist*
  14. Constant Font Changes

    The font constantly changes size. Almost everytime I open a thread, the font of the whole page gets very large. Sometimes when I return to the forum from out of a thread, the font shrinks to very small. The font size never stays for long where I actually set it, it keeps increasing and decreasing at random as I browse. It makes some pages quite hard to read, and zooming in or out after every link is a big pain. Is anyone else having this issue? EDIT: Yikes, now it's bigger than ever, and bold too. What is going on? I started this thread, so I know it's not due to any tags I left hanging.

    Um, how do I use the Bug Tracker? I created two topics, but both have been labeled "UNFILED" and I cannot find how to "file" them. Does anybody know how?