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  1. Changeling 1st Edition Cantrip System

    Perheaps I got some of them and could try to make a few scans soon.
  2. C20 Games You've Played

    Till now I couldn get my greedy fingers on the C20 Book. So far I just used ther german Version (let´s call it Ed1.5) and the old second version. I am still thinking about getting myself the PDF.
  3. Okay, Who all has a DA account?

    Mine is here: https://pathgalen.deviantart.com/
  4. Music that reminds you of VtM

    Just by change I stumbeld over a Band from france called Malkavian, while doing some background stuff for my char. A song from the french trash metal Band Malkavian
  5. Is the Court still active after the restart?
  6. Which film best represents CtD?

    After I watched Song of the Sea just a few days ago, I am going with Jonestownbynight. And add a nother one from the same studio. Secret of Kells Secret of Kells Trailer
  7. Enchanting Books

    I while ago I just reda a book that has a strong inanime feeling (at least for me when you trun into the right perspectiv), which also has got it self a quite nice movie adaptation. A monster calls by Patrick Ness
  8. 2017 Roll Call - Who's there?

    Stummbling over this place again from germany.
  9. New emote

    Somehow those are sweet and somehow more special than the standard Emoticons.
  10. Ha! First Comment! I rule!

  11. Happy Birthday Lia!

    Happy brithday from me too Lia.
  12. I hate Neil Gaiman.

    I think the comic I knew is based on a short storie from Smokes and Mirrors and the Comic is still in existens. And yes its a Angel Story. It´s about the first murder in heaven. I will scan my copie of the book for this short story.
  13. I hate Neil Gaiman.

    I got a copie of Smoke and Mirrors, but what Kaoskat said higly reminded me of the Murder Mysteries, which is as far I know a comic. I think I have do get my Smoke and mirrors out again to check that.
  14. I hate Neil Gaiman.

    I read Neverwhere, Stardust, a few Storries from Smoke and Mirrors, American Gods. Coraline, Wolves in the most of the Sandman Comics and a lot of the BoG Stuff. My alltime Favorite is Neverwhere.
  15. Eeeeeeeeek!

    I realy first noticed the Artwork of the Banners in the "Month of the Changeling". I liked them a lot and also this new Banner for hunter is really well made and choosen for the Theme. Do we have a kind of Galary for used banners of Mortekai? I would like to see them again, espacial those which I havn´t noticed.