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  1. Seems to be that he fixed it right. Gone see if there are any nocker flaws to be found.
  2. August Roll Call

    Still wandering
  3. Hello and Guten Tag

    Guten Tag auch.
  4. Sorry, there is a problem We could not locate the item you are trying to view. Error code: 2F176/1
  5. Is the court still active? I even don´t see any subfolder with its name.
  6. Christopher Robin

    Could be interessting, and perhaps it will be on the movies I have to buy list. (even ifg I am more the paddington bear type ;-) ) Their is also a nother movie on his way this year with an interessting first glimpses. Also based on winny the pooh. Just checked it came out last year, but due to the syncro in germany will come out this year.
  7. I got It!

    Do you have a picture of the dice set? Are they those orange redish ones?
  8. What is cold iron?

    I think a blast furnace could melt the iron, but the older bloomery furnace I suggest, dosn´t get that hot. In this processe the rust particels get reduced to pure Iron but it dosn´t get hot enough to melt it down.
  9. Walking Away From Arcadia - A CtD Podcast

    Think I have to give it a try ;-) When I am back from Work again.
  10. What is cold iron?

    But dosn´t the restrictions from C20 also lead to my conclusion? This way of iron smelting uses a bloomery instead of a blast furnace and uses coal.
  11. What is cold iron?

    So a few years passed, and I got a few new insights to my initial question about cold iron. 4 years after the last time visiting this thread I started viking period of time reenacting, and therby got some new knowledge about classic ironworks. Therby I think I found what cold iron is (at least for me) First a few requierments for the stuff: Has to be rare Has to be more or less low tec The basic wrought iron thing dosn´t cut the mustard for me, so I am going a step further. Smelted Iron from a Bloomery At a few occasions I worked the belows on such a furnance and listend to the smith. And therby get to know the basics of this kind of iron making. You produce Iron in this frunance ovens from iron ore ( basicly rust with mineral stuff around, take Bog Iron as an example) What makes this a good candidate for cold Iron is, that here the rust ist just reduced to iron but the iron itself always stays solid and never get liquid becous the temperture inside this process dosn´t get high enough to melt it down. So here the pro points for my thesis: Rare : Modern Iron making is a lot cheaper and easyier than the traditonal way. Acording to the friend of mine 1kg of smelted iron from a bloomery, ready for the normal smith takes 80 h of solid work. Cold : In the process in a bloomery the Ironoxid and iron never gets above its melting point What are youre thoughts on this?
  12. Somehow I always wondered if a nooker had something to do with this special kind of Guitar.
  13. After finishing that 10 hours of grey noise, I try to throw something into that smalltalkmixer. "The great Escape" by Euzen. For the escape that they seek inside that video from tha banality of mass produced things or so.
  14. Changeling 1st Edition Cantrip System

    Perheaps I got some of them and could try to make a few scans soon.
  15. C20 Games You've Played

    Till now I couldn get my greedy fingers on the C20 Book. So far I just used ther german Version (let´s call it Ed1.5) and the old second version. I am still thinking about getting myself the PDF.