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  1. The Opressive Setting?

    And pointing to my pedantry is just pedantic. Ok, let's say you are right, because I think there are some flaws in your reasoning, as Zenten has pointed to. But, even comparing Awakening to Revised Ascension, Awakening wins in terms of mechanics. Now, the setting could have been more developed. I didn't like it very much the idea of Awakening's setting when I heard of it for the first time. I took some time to settle in, even after I finishing reading the book. Now, I love it. And with some current developing adding to Awakening the best points of Ascension's setting (such as some of the legacies and the upcoming Magical Traditions book), I think that Awakening may very well be on the way to triumph over Ascension in terms of setting.
  2. This is the thread in which we post pictures of ourselves ...

    Ok, this is me trying to look cool, and failing horribly.
  3. The Opressive Setting?

    But it's 1st edition. It's the 1st edition of Awakening, a different game.
  4. The Opressive Setting?

    No, I think this is not fair. I cannot think of Awakening as Ascension 4th ed.
  5. Emptying the Shelves

    I'm quite interested in emptying my shelves of oWoD books, in order to make some money and get some space for more comics and RPG books. So, if you are interested, check this OLD thread: http://www.shadownessence.com/forum/index....&hl=Alqamar I'm moving my books to Gamers' Bidding, if that's the preferred shopping site of you Forumites. Or would you prefer old E-Bay? I will keep you posted.
  6. The Opressive Setting?

    I think that IF we limit the discussion TO the Mage corebook and compare Mage:the Awakening AND Mage:the Ascension 1st edition (because, all in all, that's what Awakening really is, the first edition of a new game corebook)... In terms of both setting and mechanics, Awakening wins. Now, if we compare Mage: the Awakening and the complete Mage: the Ascension gameline, then, in terms of mechanics, Awakening wins. But in terms of setting, Ascension wins. Come on, do you remember Mage: the Ascension 1st edition? The game was full of potential, but it was also seriously flawed.
  7. The Opressive Setting?

    I don't think Atlantis is opressive. I don't find it cheesy, not in the least. You know I'm Spanish, as in Spanish from Europe, and to me Atlantis evokes mystery and coolness, and not Disney and I-don't-get-cultural-references-you-are-using that seem to work, for you, against the game. Also, I think that if they had called Atlantis 'the City of the Golden Age of magic' or something like that, it would have been decried as 'too generic, too bland...' blah blah blah. I guess some people cannot be happy with anything. However, another non-Atlantean Order would have been good, and would have made the setting more interesting. But, all in all, I don't find the Atlantis myth opressive. And if any of my players find it opressive, they can always read the first chapter of Secrets of the Ruined Temple and the chapter of Tome of the Mysteries on tweaking the Atlantis mythos.
  8. Donating, how?

    I had no problems to donate, but maybe it's because I already had a Paypal account and was familiar with its use...
  9. Latest News - The end of SnE?

    I would like my donations to be secret, if the Forum doesn't mind. I don't want to be lauded the month I can spare 30, 50 or 100€, I don't want to not be lauded if one month I can't spare a dime. So I'm not going to post in the Donors area, and would like to keep the actual amounts (meager as they may be) as a matter between Mordekai and myself. But I'm going to support SnE, because I don't want to see it die. There're enough black clouds in my life as it is, thank you.
  10. I know what Project M is!

    I didn't mean Iron Kingdoms, I meant Iron Heroes. As I said, worthless garbage.
  11. I know what Project M is!

    I say: Good riddance to him. (I know you are going to kick me around, but I don't mind) I don't like his work, I don't like what he did with Cthulhu D20, I don't like his Iron Kingdoms, Iron Realms or whatever, I don't like his alternate D&D handbooks, and I seriously hope he is not doing a D20-version of the World of Darkness. I think his old work was great, the things he did with 2nd Ed. AD&D, but... I find most things he has done for 3.0 and 3.5 D&D and D20 to be worthless and overrated.
  12. Haven-bound bloodlines.

    And if the Haven were a prison, not a hospital?
  13. Personal Preferences

    Laugh point? Would you be the author?
  14. Personal Preferences

    The Melissidae are wonderful. They should be the paradigm of 'cool bloodline without a new discipline'. Whoever wrote them rocks (I'm unsure about the author's identity) I think I'm going to analyze them in depth.
  15. On the other hand, I like bloodlines and think they add a lot of options to my games. But I don't go around every thread writing about how nice they are, how interesting, how worthy and how everyone should add them to their games. Oh, yes, and praising White Wolf for having shown us so many ways to be a vampire. That's is why, Jadedeath, your ramblings about Bloodlines are so tiring and so... boresome to me. You always use the same arguments, you circle the same ideas, and go on, and on, and on...