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  1. My thoughts go out to Mortekai

    I´m sorry for your loss.
  2. Happy Holidays!

    I wish you all Happy Holidays (a bit early for most of you internationals, but we start to celebrate Christmas on the 24th here in Sweden)! :thumbsup
  3. Soon I´ll go to the job interview

  4. Soon I´ll go to the job interview

  5. Why I left SnE

    Welcome back.
  6. MrGone working on a project for White Wolf?

    That´s great, man, congratulations
  7. Problems with my White wolf account

    the same problem has returned with my account, gaaah! I will not bother with it now though.
  8. Problems with my White wolf account

    In the end, my problem was solved with Sara Luebke resetting the password. This problem is said to be a known problem with the forum software. Good luck!
  9. Problems with my White wolf account

    Weird, now my account function as usual
  10. Problems with my White wolf account

    Thanks B-)
  11. Problems with my White wolf account

    Hi, I wonder if anyone else has problems accessing their White wolf-account. I can´t log-in with my regular password and when I followed the link sent to my mail about changing the password access was denied
  12. Rules question : Languages

    Crion I learned some German in school but lost much of it because I didn´t use it for years, fortunately a lot of it returned after some time in Germany and now I´m better in German than I ever was before. I talk a lot about my own stance on Secondary Abilities, in the thread with the same name on this forum (and on the White Wolf-forum, I tend to double-post so to say in order to maximize interesting replies ). About mimicry, no worry, I understand you now B-) It can also be handled with a decreased xp/freebie-cost. Ah, so many possibilites. I hope so too, I won´t start the new campaign until I´m finished with my exchange studies, so I think I will have time to sort out many of the rules-issues I dicover before the character creation for that chronicle begin. Caine's Chosen Just for curiosity´s sake, where are you from? I´m from Sweden and here at last many young people are expected to know English very well (especially if they´re Academics) but not more than that. Many people study a third language in school though. A reasonable stance, for sure. Aye, mercenaries can be assumed to have travelled wide (and therefore reasonable have learnt a few languages at least), if they survived for long in their chosen profession. Was the character a mercenary both in life and as a vampire?
  13. Rules question : Languages

    I agree with your takes here, these are sensible ways of handling the sitation. Thanks, I´ve been here in Germany now since the beginning of October, and will stay until the end of July. Ah, well, I think the culturue clash is a bit bigger going to the far East than to a neighbouring country How was your experience, and speaking of languages, have you learned any Japanesse? During my Chronicles players have tended to buy pretty many Linguistics dots, one characters in Giovanni Chronicles for example reached Linguistics 6 when we had come into the end of the 19th century in the story-process. I has been very uncommon that PC:s didn´t know at least a couple of languages apart from the native ones. You get much bang for the buck, so to say, in the oWod-system when we´re taking about the Linguistic ability. I think accent-issues can also be handled with the Secondary Ability Mimicry, I don´t know your stance of S.A:s though I haven´t STed or played in any nWOD-game either, except the beginning of the Werewolf the Forsaken Demo, but I have several of the books (they often have useful things in them for oWod-games and are an entertaining read). I also tend to work with the players when spending xps, reason around it and such, for, as you, say where is the fun in just spending the xps
  14. Hi, I am looking for the below-mentioned books, and as I am in Hamburg I wonder if there are any well-supplied RPG-shops in Hamburg who still sells oWOD-material or if any private sellers in Hamburg are willing to sell the books that I am interested in. The books: Frankfurt bei Nacht and Wien bei Nacht (In German) Chicago Chronicles I and II, or Succubus Club (the old one, not the one with the undertitle Dead man´s party), Blood bond, Ashes to Ashes, Milwaukee by Night, and Chicago by Night 1st Edition.
  15. Rules question : Languages

    Those are interesting approaches