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  1. Ladies! Gentlemen! Fairfolk! Unfairfolk! Others! Our time has arrived! The Changeling the Dreaming storytellers vault is official!!! Could this be the first snowdrop bloom of Spring?! Are there any left here who remember the old dance of Pen and paper, or fingers over the keyboard? If there are other writers hoping to finally make some of these amazing projects a reality, I propose using this thread to help each other along the difficult Silver Path back to Arcadia! Whose with me!? *charges off into the Dreaming*
  2. Originally I had planned this to all be one book, covering Mexico all the way through Panama. It has become very apparent that this would not do justice to this part of the world, so this first book is going to cover the fae in Mexico and Belize. So without further ado, here is chapter 2 of the Kingdoms of the Feathered Serpent project. I really hope you all like it. As ever I would really value feedback (but hasten to add that chapter three will explain a lot more about the fae themselves) Chapter 2.docx
  3. Chapter 2 - Mexico and Belize

    Thank you so much Growls! The team is plugging away at chapter three right now, which will have a bunch of new kith and details of Nahuali society, so keep an eye on the project in the coming months. I may put up some of the kith before the entire chapter is done if people want?
  4. Here we are! After I don't know how long, the edited first chapter and history of the Kingdoms of the Feathered Serpent! Don't worry, there is much, MUCH more to come. But for now I hope you all enjoy! A massive thank you to everyone that has helped with this, especially my friend in Mexico City (who is not on this site) who has been invaluable in all his editing, and utterly incredible in his patients with me KotFS History.docx
  5. Artists needed for a Project

    CALLING ALL ARTISTS! I am plowing through a fan source book for Changeling the Dreaming, and hope to be putting it together in a proper pdf format in the next year. I need art for the book, and would love to include dreams for different people here at the forum! I'm afraid I cannot offer any compensation at this time, beyond your name in the credits and a big thank you. Please contact me or reply if you're interested. Thank you.
  6. So...what happened to White Wolf?

    To expand on the oWoD stuff, we now have 20th aniversary editions of the Masquerade, the Apocalypse, and soon the hard copy of the Ascention. The new books are GORGEOUS, and iron out a lot of the kinks from earlier stuff. However they have largely been print-on-demand, so you won't usually seee the books on the shelf of your local gaming shop unless they ordered a bunch for re-sale.
  7. Plumbing the depths of the Kingdoms of the Featherd Serpent. Anyone care to join me?
  8. Why Do I Stick With The WoD?

    I think for me it has always been the real world mythology that the games explore. Folklore is one of the oldest expressions of cultural values, and the way the different roots collide in a modern setting, and seeing them struggle to work (or at least survive) in the same world, has always been the biggest draw for me. It always seems to end up mirroring the far more mundane struggles that I and the other players have as people, growing and living together, and trying to understand one another. I can honestly say that this game has brought my friends and I closer together.
  9. Oh joy, oh Rapture!

    Good afternoon all! Assuming of course, that it is in fact afternoon. I’ve been pottering about for a couple days now, having staggered into this oasis of gaming from a veritable desert of banality, and am at last feel recuperated enough to formally introduce myself. The name’s Urabyfirst (Uraby for short). I am currently stranded in the country of Honduras on a mission trip, and sadly, none of my fellow volunteers are gamers. To make matters worse, I have to use the school’s internet server (I’m down here teaching) and almost every nerd site I go to is blocked (including my dear Mr. Gone!) It is also not entirely out of the question that being openly gamer down here would get you shot (and there is more than enough risk of that already thanks) as being different is not exactly embraced in this neck of the woods. Yet just when I thought I could stand the iron grip of reality no more, I happened upon this site! You cannot imagine the relief! It’s as if the Spring has returned, flinging the gates of Arcadia wide open. I will probably spend the majority of my time hanging about the Shifter Projects section, annoying anyone who’ll listen about my deranged concept for were-squid. That being said, the sheer magnitude of this site is breathtaking, and I’m sure I’ll eventually find myself wandering down the shadowy halls of Vampire, Changeling, Hunter, and all the other mysterious beings I have been missing so much. So in conclusion, glad to be here.
  10. is stuck in a world near-devoid of gaming...how will he survive?

  11. is stuck in a world near-devoid of gaming...how will he survive?