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  1. Actually Az, any copies of the projects would be useful. It would be a shame for all of this work to not get used somehow.
  2. I admit as well hat it has been hard living here in Alabama to get most christian people to even consider opening this book let alone actually play the game. To answer the op though, I think using it as foreshadowing/teaser type stuff and deepening fluff is a great way to go about it. Maybe one day I will find people who can look beyond the cover and see what the game can really be.
  3. Yeah, I was just re-reading changeling last night and came across that very same bit and began to wonder myself.
  4. Me too. I worked for Walden Books when the CCG craze happened and they made me get certified as a trainer to teach the kiddies how to play which led me to win several state wide tourneys. *hangs head in shame again*
  5. I understand... a buddy of mine has literally seen 10+ ideas of his come to fruition from other sources. He is starting to believe they have him tapped or chipped or something. I just tell him great minds often come to similar conclusions. Either way though it can be annoying. As far as what you are thinking of though, I think it has merit and it could be fun to run around with it anyway.
  6. I will check it out for sure, I can't wait.
  7. I have just recently wanted to start collecting some of these older books if anyone around here has a desire to get rid of some they may have lying around.
  8. I have never read those comics unfortunately. I may need to look into it though.
  9. I like this idea a lot. You should do some prelim stuff and post it up... I would be very interested in throwing some ideas around.
  10. *graciously accepts the medal* Well, I figured we were baring all my friend...
  11. Just FYI Krieg, those links all redirect to the main forum page. I think it was probably a by product of the forum shift. Too bad, I wanted to read them
  12. Werewolf to me has always been cool because of the fact that you are a monster but you are supposed to strive to be something good and better than you were. I also love the built in "pack" element that pretty much ensures that you and your friends are going to be tight and you don't really have to always be wondering if buddy X over there is plotting to take your stuff or maybe even your life. I like the fact that as it has already been stated, there are both internal and external strife and given a good ST you will find an incredible game that can inherently range into the epic and fantastic
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