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  1. auto fit page

    My auto fit page function on my mobile is chopping the site all to Hell. I know this isn't urgent, but since my mobile is my only internet interaction now it would be nice if at some point I and other mobile browsers wouldn't have to change that setting to see the board properly. Thanks team, - Thrache
  2. Guilty Pleasures...

    Me too. I worked for Walden Books when the CCG craze happened and they made me get certified as a trainer to teach the kiddies how to play which led me to win several state wide tourneys. *hangs head in shame again*
  3. Guilty Pleasures...

    *graciously accepts the medal* Well, I figured we were baring all my friend...
  4. Guilty Pleasures...

    I still like Paula Abdul's music from the 80's and 90's. *shudder*
  5. Jobs & Games

    Stay at home daddy here... some consider that full time. As far as rpgs go, I am currently involved in an oWoD vamp game that just had its 2 year mark. As well as a seasonal larp in nWoD. Also about 6 times a year I get to play in a homebrew style anime game based on the Lunar video games that has been running for almost 12 years now.
  6. Behold, for I give life to the lifeless!

    I would have to agree with Kaichkull.
  7. Grim Fears...

    I've always found sample NPCs very inspirational and for one love the idea of an NPC book. Especially since it was put together by this particular team of talented writers. I think its amazing to see the kinds of things that other people string together to make up characters and their various backgrounds. New visions and perspectives are healthy things. This book will definitely be on my shelf in the near future.
  8. Slasher

    Creepy to be sure, I like it. It would be a cool drop in for most setting I think.
  9. True blood

    I think its a different dog, at least that was my impression before I found out about Sam.
  10. I can't review new posts and the forums all look read to me. The only way I can catch the new stuff is to "see todays active posts".
  11. Supernatural

    Yeah season four is rocking the sox.
  12. True blood

    I've been watching it and I am still on the fence about it. On the one hand it has some classic interests but on the other it is a bit to sexy and soap operaish for my likes. I will continue to watch it though since its got supes in it. Btw, there should be some witches and shapeshifters showing up soon, actually there already is a shapeshifter character in the show... the collie anyone?
  13. Supernatural

    I could see them wrapping everything up in Season 4, but honestly I hope they don't. Its got to be one of the best Supe series I have ever seen.
  14. Supernatural

    I think the changeling episode with the kids is probably the creepiest to date. After the end of Season two, the show focuses more on the demon hunting aspect than anything else so all the nifty other critters are pretty much only in seasons 1 and 2. Not that season 3 sucks or anything of course, it just doesn't have the variety that you may have come to love.
  15. Supernatural

    Nopers, pretty much generic catch all vamps. Thats how the series handles all of the supes to tell you the truth. It really works though, since the shear scope of variety is mind blowing. Actually, I take that back. The demons seem to have a better strata and variety among the ranks. The whole series though is hung on the hunt for a particular demon, so it makes sense to have them be different in as many ways as possible. Anyone would do well to go get this series. Its entirely worth the cost of admission.