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  1. Go to official WW forums, discover someone is using embarrassing old art of mine as an avatar. :X Welp, there go my plans to post.

    1. Ana Mizuki

      Ana Mizuki

      You can always ask them to remove it. You are the artist, they used your picture without permission.

  2. Who doesn't love a vampire who controls your life, isolates you from your family and has barely caged violent and predatory urges? HAWT.

  3. Who doesn't love a vampire who controls your life, isolates you from your family and has barely caged violent and predatory urges? HAWT.

  4. Questions about the battle

    I highly advocate defacing the fora that fail to contribute, rather than locking them. Be creative. Maybe change it to "Harry and Draco's Leather and Whips Slashfic Community", or a deodorant enthusiasts concolation, or a My Little Ponies gothic RP board. If the W:tA board fails to perform and gains some sort of Hello Kitty theme, I would be motivated to post there several times a day perhaps.
  5. White Wolf Forum to be Reset

    Eh. It's not like resetting the old forum resulted in the loss of vast tracts of information - since the original forum only held a thread for a week after its last post, all it took was a slight sag in activity for even a beloved thread to fall off the forum. I was sad to see it go at the time though - the text-only nature of the thing bred a different sort of attitude, I think. This time around though, yeah, it's slightly different. I hope people are moving to save what needs to be saved. As Luxifer noted, a forum isn't a place to save stuff. Anything good that comes out of a forum needs to be backed up somewhere, for the good of all.
  6. There is no one more deserving of the title "Lady Apocalypse" without a doubt.

  7. Indeed we do need more Christian Werewolf-loving Julia-mods!

    She'll probably be embarrassed by this, but I have not yet found a way in which Pal does not rock. I suspect it's because there is no way in which she does not rock. :D

  8. Yeah... it seems I don't have a Friends option in my profile. Which makes no sense, because I used to.

    I don't like the new server. :(

  9. Y'know, I had no idea that we were born within, like, eight days of each other. Fascinating!

    Did I ever do an astrological chart for you...? I forget.

  10. I don't think I could love your goofy looking bear avatar pic more than I do now. :D

  11. Because you can never have too many Christian chicks named Julia running the W:tA forum. :D Sorry, just always found that coincidence deeply amusing.

    For all those keeping score: Annael wins. She's my favoritest incarnation of Luna, and should be yours too. ^_^

  12. 1XM274315V5221937

    I find the "verification that you aren't a spam source" e-mail confusing. When it says, "leave the subject line intact", does that mean when you press "Reply" you should delete the "Re:" that is automatically added to the subject line, or delete it? Poops, says I. Ah. And the donation's affiliated with my hotmail account, rather than my gmail one. But in either case, I'm PalominoMule, so it's hard to not recognize.
  13. Another One

    Well, for what it's worth, I *do* still read your LiveJournal. I just don't comment much. But it'll definitely be nice to be sharing a forum with you again. Hee! Good times, these.
  14. Another One

    Stew! Why didn't you *tell* me you were gonna' be joinin' SnE? It's great to see ya' here! I don't know if you'll be appearin' on the W:tA forum here, I know your focus probably leans more toward W:tF these days, but I'm still very happy to have you around! There aren't a lot of veterans of the ol' official W:tA forum running around here, sadly. But my experience is that this forum is altogether excellent. Active, but not overwhelming (RPG.net is...terrifying to me), and people seem to be altogether reasonable around here. I've been a moderator here for a while, and I've yet to really need to put my foot down on anything. Then again, I rarely emerge from the W:tA forum, so...I can't speak with much authority. Ah, well. ...welcome! Yay!
  15. Shapeshifting

    If this deals with her having spiritual identifications with an animal in the sense of considering herself to spiritually *be* that animal, that's an issue of therianthropy, and running google searches should turn up stuff for that. But therianthropy is about mental "shifts" toward the animal in question; physically shapeshifting isn't possible, of course. But I admit to being confused here.