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  1. tracking donations

    My paypal payments are made through my husband's paypal account so the e-mail and ID info on my paypal payments do not match my SnE e-mail and ID info. I recently went through the paypal history to locate all payments to SnE. I discovered that I have made a few more donations than have been noted to my SnE donation total. My primary interest is in helping out SnE when I can so record keeping is only of minor importance to me. That said, I do find it helpful when my donation total is updated because it helps me have a sense of "that number hasn't changed in a while, maybe I should donate again." I can provide the dates and amounts of the donations I have made since 2005 if that would help sort it for whoever manages the record keeping.
  2. update of donation total???

    S'OK. I was just confused by the discrepency and wanted to be sure to bring it to your attention so it could be fixed when someone had the time. :-)
  3. The record of my donations in the Donor Hall of Fame thread for Lia is correct at $100, but the little donor amount under my avatar still lists $75. How do I get this fixed? :-)
  4. Lia donations

    Donations: 3:$100 Donor Name: Thomas J April 4, 2006 - tjoneslo [a] together.net - $25 November 13, 2006 - tjoneslo [a] together.net - $35 February 12, 2006 - tjoneslo [a] together.ne - $40 Donor status: OK
  5. Donation methods still confusing me

    I was a bit confused, too.
  6. ID # 37D855759W768983K

    The e-mail for my paypal acct. (tjoneslo@NOSPAMtogether.net) differs from the one I use here. I am hoping I got the correct id# this time, but I probably mucked it up again!
  7. Rental laws where you are

    Vermont Renter's rights: http://www.vtlawhelp.org/Home/PublicWeb/Li...Renters/1630100
  8. 24L29412EB483015H

    $35 donation from "Lia" (my paypal addie is not my SnE e-mail addie)
  9. :(

    Chigg, I am so sorry. Here's another cyberhug for ya'
  10. I need everybody's help

    more warm thoughts of a speedy recovery to your friend....