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  1. I want a divorce. She made me go shopping with all the basildon people when I have a fatal hangover.

  2. Gather Round!

    "Congratulations" the Balor duke cheers, "well earned sir!"
  3. October Role call

    EDIT: as some of you may have seen on facebook, I am having a few issues with new medication at the moment. Basically if not being poked by the wife I am sleeping 18 - 20 hours a day and not doing anything constructive. Hope this will be a short term thing but it'll certainly be a thing for a while.
  4. October Role call

    here and hopefully with more free time on my hands this month.
  5. A Thank You to Bandiger!

    Congratulations Bandiger, a stellar piece of hosting. i hope many of the debates will continue on after the Month has seen it's last as i wasn't able to contribute as much as I would have liked.
  6. September Roll Call!

    Apparently it is being worked on. Although black on white gives me a headache so I am trying to keep board viewing to a minimum myself.
  7. Planning for Month of Faerie Tales

    One of the great things about this theme I think is that you can just start a thread based on a given Fairy story (say snow white) and then sit back and let people dissect it in regards to C:tD. What Art would allow that effect, what Kith is X character. What House, what does the dreaming think about Y event. Until we run out of Fairy stories this would be an endless resource for new threads. What might be a nice idea is to have a thread asking for people to turn a myth or fairy tale into a quick proposal for a scenario. You could even get people to vote on the entries as a Competition at the end of the month?
  8. September Roll Call!

    I'm mostly here ... or not all here ... well I'm here in some capacity anyway.
  9. Planning for Month of the Shinma

    personally, I'd go with Shinma.
  10. Planning for Month of the Shinma

    As our Wraithly companion says, you can ask the moderators to pin a topic, but be aware that there are some strict requirements for pinning a topic put in place so that the pinned area doesn't become over logged. You could also put a reference to its urgency or importance as the sub title. Finally there is a little orange ! exclamation mark you can select for the image when you post a topic that helps to draw attention to it.
  11. Planning for Month of the Shinma

    Ok I would suggest providing a lot of threads that deal with the Shinma in anon changeling way. Lots of (most?) people are of the the 'not even fae' camp and to prevent too many threads devolving into the same debate I would start up a few along the lines of 'OK they ain't fae at all, that's done, now what about a few scenarios, new kith, new arts etc for the shinma'. Keep the big debate in its own threads and maybe even double up on some subjects to prevent drift. maybe some interesting debates could have two threads, one for if the Shinma are fae and one for if they are not. I would also go harvest the Middle Kingdom forum and link to some of their threads that deal with them. Additionally ... New camps, societies and factions for the Shinma. maybe some debate about modern political issues in Asia and how the fae (Kithain and Shinma) deal with it. How do they feel about Chinas occupation of Tibet or the North / south Korea thing. Shinma and the Inaniame: do they get along betetr or worse because of the elemental aspect. Some Asian concepts not entirely based on China and japan. A few Mongolian Shinma, or Vietnamese shinma templates? maybe a competition to create a Shinma character from any land apart from China or japan? with points for avoiding the usual oriental stereotypes etc.
  12. Attention Court

    Conga-rat-ulations. Both of you deserved it I have no doubt for Cybercat is a wise and benevolent king. the Dreaming is improved and enlarged by your actions.
  13. Planning for Endless Winter

    How about .. Wintering Abroad. The concept of the end times in other lands, with non Kithain. Do the Gallain have exactly the same beliefs? What do Asian fae think of the end? What about the Asura in India where they have no winter season in the general consciousness? (I always wanted to portray their end myths as Monsoon season instead of Winter )
  14. Happy Birthday St. Michael!

    'appy Birthday Saint Michael.
  15. August Roll Call

    slipping back into the groove, getting in touch with my inner Kubera.