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  1. Strange sinchronicity being what it is this seems to have come along at an oportune moment. Or perhaps the exact opposite. For a while now I have been compiling old ideas from various games we ran into a fan project for the original World of Darkness: Mummy setting. A few heath issues recently afforded me the time to get it all into a condition to risk showing to others and i have begun to inquire with the powers-that-be here to share hosting. In the meantime I thought I'd share the dropbox link for anybody who wanted to take a look and pass comment or critique. this link should take you d
  2. Hi peeps.- I have been away from SnE for quite some time now and as the topic suggests I was just trying to find out if the Old World of Darkness forum has specific staff and if not, who is in charge of getting fan projects added here? Please and thank you.
  3. I strongly believe that the best way to get more girls into our hobby is to indoctrinate them early. So I have started letting my God daughter Robyn absorb the background Glamour of my Books. I was heartened to see her make directly for the Changeling shelf.
  4. Oh blimey, another thread i somehow lost track of. One quick point in reply to the above. The fae soul is the soul of the changeling, they don't have two souls just one with a dual aspect. The fae soul can't leave the body because it is the mortal soul as well. One of the saddest aspects of an Undone Changeling is that until that mundane mortal body dies their fae identity is in a coma' and trapped. Imagine being a Changeling living everyday with you belovved but they have become undone and see you only as thier mortal life partner, having forgotten all those past lives togtehr and the
  5. We seem to be making headway with these guys, a few sessions under our belts. Still feels like there is a lot missing though so I expect I'll review it all again soon. Need a good book of African myths and legends.
  6. Yeah, i can see why. I might try and jot down some advice based on doing it to post here when I get a chance.
  7. Just got my copy this morning .. and its lush! using lulu is a frigging pain in the arse though.
  8. I love these guys, they are excellent. Would love to see the details of the Birthrights/frailty
  9. I had to run a game on short notice recently so i decided to resurrect the African fae. Expanded a few ideas and threw it up on my website for the players to read and think of a character for. Figured I'd share what I have with you lot ... Egun, the African fae .. enjoy, debate or critique as you wish.
  10. The degree is a BA in Humanities with a specialisation in Classical studies but as the modern history sections didn't interest me I opten to do some Archaeology instead. Current part (untill October) is basically armchar Archaeology studing a single book [Archaeology: An Introduction by Kevin Greene] and a short course from the British Museum, then on to a more in depth course but still theory rather than practice. I won't be going on any digs or cracking any whips (via the University at least). Then after that back to the topics of World heritage, the classical world, world religion and anthr
  11. Kind of busy studying Archaeology for my degree right now with spare time spent on my Mummy stuff, but my take on the Asura will see completion one day. Not that it isn't there for others to develop or re-imagine of course.
  12. If it helps I have some PDF's of the splatts I could email.
  13. Some more Changeling books going cheap on Ebay UK - Storytellers guide Autumn people Book of Lost Dreams Denizens of the Dreaming
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