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  1. I want a divorce. She made me go shopping with all the basildon people when I have a fatal hangover.

  2. Being Human - BBC supernatural series

    Ah well yes MiB, you did plunder the hell out of us rather spectacularly - but then, many of your lot stayed and interbred quite successfully. So technically when I was talking about the glorious empire on which the sun never sets (and where common sense never dares tread) I was including all you lot as well. I'm an Essex boy after all, my ancestors might all be Romany but most of my friends & neighbours are the sons and daughters of Angles, Danes, Norse and other pirates from your part of the world. As for Being Human, I have to say it appeals to me on the level of its mundane kitchen sink drama .. ness. I've always been interested in telling stories about vampires dealing with ways to deny the beast while finding ways to pay the bills and avoiding people who went to their funeral over the stories about Gehenna or how Eeevul they became overnight. I never much liked the revised idea that the embrace (or death or the first change) completely rewrote the characters personality and drives, I like to see how Joe Public deals with being thrust into the supernatural world and stories that show that they are still mentally human. I like the fact that the main evil vampire is a short ginger twit in a police uniform, surviving on petty bureaucracy and shitty one-upmanship but with dreams of world domination none the less.
  3. Being Human - BBC supernatural series

    The commonwealth is a one way door Nopp. We'll take your money and treasures and use your landmass when calculating the size of our empire but you bloody upstart colonists shouldn't expect the motherland to give anything back except diseases and the like. We certainly won't share our cool toys or TV shows with you. But you knew that.
  4. Being Human - BBC supernatural series

    never managed to catch the pilot.
  5. Being Human - BBC supernatural series

    Just watched Episode 3 myself. a must see for fans of Wraith! Not sure why the Beeb are billing it as a comedy though?
  6. OK so in short, good old Aunti Beeb has a new tv show hidden away on BBc 3 (meaning it is one of those shows you only get if you pay for it from a TV station which British law stipulates cannot charge for any of its services) called Being Human. It is about three people sharing a house in suburban Britain, one is a Ghost, one is a vampire and one is a werewolf. Already you're probably cringing and thinking that sounds naff but bear with me. The show is very humanistic, focusing (so far) on the characters battle to retain their humanity. The mundanity of life is, for at least two of them, a refuge from what they are. After watching two episodes I am already hooked and I am pretty confident that its story will appeal to many other fans of a certain RPG genre. So, anyway, it is available to watch online thanks to the good old BBC iplayer and here are the links to the first three episodes. episode 1 episode 2 episode 3 Enjoy ...
  7. Lost vs. Dreaming

    Well yeah, obviously its my opinion given purple prose. We are on a forum after all. However after following this debate for a long time now i can't really see the alternative point of view in any measure (and I've tried so very hard). I was however shocked to find that I am less of a reactionary old stick in the mud than i originally thought I was - as, despite spending a lot of time in gaming shops and a couple of RPG groups, I've yet to meet any of the nWoD fanbase in person in comparison to a lot of people who vehemently proclaim that nWoD missed the target by a long way. maybe its just a brit thing. Or a south east of Britain thing. The forum/play by email games I am part of have a more equal mix of old and new fans, even a few who like them both in equal measure. You really can't take a single persons anecdotal experience as proof of anything but I can take my experience as a clue to something i have suspected for a while now. There is a pervasive belief among the oWoD fans I have run into that there's no real point in joining or participating in forums or debates because they existence of the new setting has somehow left them without a voice. Basically we are very lucky on this forum to have an equal amount of input and participation from both camps because out in the real world there's a definite feeling of 'never the twain shall meet'. So, yay us.
  8. Lost vs. Dreaming

    Now thats nihilism! Whoever you heard that from really missed the point didn't they? To mistake the cause of the peril in any game to such a degree really will make it seem like a pointless exercise. I hope you replied something alone the lines of "it's more like somebody you know is going to kill you is holding a gun to your head and YOU say, Fuck it, I'm going down in style and taking you with me. The New World of Darkness isn't nihilistic (there are many ways to defeat the darkness in the short term and on a personal level), but it is rather one dimensional and focused in its Darkness. It suffers from a real bad case of being a World of unremitting darkness which is what, to many players like me, is the real buzzkill. It seems to have taken that awful fan habit from the last days of the oWoD where you would be told you were playing the game wrong if you created a carefree Ravnos vampire or a trickster ragabash Werewolf and made that the new theme and mood. I'm 100% certain that good gamers can sidestep the mood of the published material if they wish to (and that those who like it this way have just as much right to play it that way) but with no white and all black in the text the scope has become much less. Those creatures given eternal life have all squandered it on villainy or insanity and even now V:tR has plundered the old game for its endless bloodlines, its still not got the scope of archetype or stereotype to match one one millionth of the personalities of humanity or the possible directions strong minds might have shaped their eternal existence. From all the myriad pageantry of faerie and Spirit law, C:tL only gave us predators and perverts to prey upon the vast panoply of humanity and leave us all pretty much neatly fitting into four narrow classifications of victim. There's none of the old Fae to be found, just a narrow obsession with the fact that many of the faerie stories were quite carnal in nature. None of the wish granters of the east or the heroic and shining examples of the best of humanity so prevalent in European fae mythology. No shoe makers elves or gold spinning Alfar among the actual fae as far as the core book is concerned. There's plenty of big bad wolves and Faerie Queens, but bugger all savior woodsmen or Tam lin. With such one dimensional NPC's and predictable M.O. from the antagonists, Little red riding Hood and the three Pigs are not half as engaging as protagonists. Even with the golden rule in place, the published material is our guide to this new world, the catalyst for our imaginings and so what is presented is whats on offer for debate. No degree of "you could just add what you want" or "that appears in supplement XXX" is actually going to change that. first impressions matter for a reason. The oWoD was a supernatural setting that could focus on horror stories or tales of wonder, on romances and heartbreaks, on Human foibles or godlike threats to our existence. It could explore humanity and the beast within or it could explore the whimsy of imagined childhoods, peril or enlightenment went hand in hand in that setting. Its fanbase were pretty eclectic. The nWoD seems to me to be too narrowly focused on being a dark, distopian horror setting, with some impressive texts on telling that mood of story but too much attention on the worst elements in the setting. One dimensional storytelling will always fail eventually and we all remember how dumb it was when the revised books started telling us that all vampires are identically vile and identically bestial with no room for the varieties of the original human and his or her outlook or personality. To me it looks like even the greatest writers still part of the WW stable are always going to be struggling in a Sisyphean task to break free of that revised mood of perpetual darkness to usher the nWoD into the same endless canvas that the oWoD offered its audience and participants.
  9. Lost vs. Dreaming

    I think you misunderstood the posters point. Yes the majority of 'Fairy tales' did have much darker (or to be correct, carnal) roots that does not mean that all forms of Fairy tale were dark. There were indeed many tales that have never really been dark and gritty because, well because the people in the past had just as varied tastes as we do today. They were a lot of positive stories as well, tales without bloodshed or violence. In truth there were some that were sickly sweet because there were people who wanted a sickly sweet good time story. To understand the full gamut of Mythology, Folklore and Fairy tales, one has to understand that both existed and not just parrot snippets of fact overheard somewhere else as is quite a common trend in some circles. There really was no such thing as 'intended for adults' back in the day (don't you just love the ambiguity of that phrase) either, what the parents heard, the kiddies usually heard too. That's as true of sexual innuendo, morality tales and lude language as it is of poor Ugly sisters chopping off their toes to fit the slipper. The majority of such tales were more carnal simply because for the majority of human history, we just haven't been all that prissy about the darker and more visceral nature of things. That's a modern trade mostly (exceptions will be listed and acknowledged of course). When death rates were higher, oppression more present and sex less dirty, the tales told and shared at the time simply reflected that aspect of society. The Fae were often terrible, murcurial or vengeful, but the same folklore held the wish granting good guys and the ephemeral and flighty aspects too. To paint the Fae / Fairy's as all one colour or the other misses the point and ignores what such stories meant in context.
  10. next best thing to an innocent face is a permanently guilty one. either way they can never tell ....
  11. World of Warcraft: Wrath of the Lich King

    To be honest the heavy Realm vs realm and PVP aspect of W:AR limits its appeal to me. I'm more of a PvE player. Added to that, the class / race options don't really float my boat, I prefer my warhammer gaming in the Dawn of war arena.
  12. I'll Show You Mine If You Show Me Yours...

    See, I knew that one would impress you. I wonder if we'll get any others posting pictures of their RPG / geek collections. *Poke*
  13. I'll Show You Mine If You Show Me Yours...

    for LostSoul's appreciation ..... Oh sod it, in for a penny in for a pound ....
  14. I'll Show You Mine If You Show Me Yours...

    Actually they are, in order from left to right .. Kabuki from Shi (bloody varient), Dawn (Listner), Lady Demon, Purgatory and lady Death (Chaos Comics). The batman lego and Batman figures are on another shelf.
  15. World of Warcraft: Wrath of the Lich King

    I'm a relative newcomer to WoW and I'm still working my way through the burning crusade stuff and probably won't get WotLK till next year. Assuming the wife hasn't divorced me by then for making her a WoW widow. But, while I am here (and this is only good for fellow brits i think) I will say this. Blizzard sell the WotLK downlaod for £29.00, you can get it in tescos for £18. same with the pre paid game cards, 60 days costs £19 everywhere except good old tesco's who sell them for £16.50. Shop smart, shop ... tesco. PS, the leet speakers have come close to making me quit my subscription several times already now. Why oh why do WoWers have to change the words used to describe things? That's not the way to promote social interaction.