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  1. Jack O'Vampire

    So I have actually done a series of these over the past few years. I'll have to try and dig up the rest. Here is the latest: geist-lantern This is actually a white pumpkin.
  2. Map of the RPG community

    Just thought you might all be interested in a cool map representing the online RPG community (1 hex is 1000 members.) Done by ENworld. The idea was to represent any community with a couple thousand members. You can see it here map The original thread discussing it is here I noted a few days ago that this site should be on it, and so we are.
  3. The "Where'd you get yer icon?" Thread

    I made the pumpkin carving this weekend and took a picture of it
  4. Jack O'Vampire

    I rediscovered it. beholder
  5. Jack O'Vampire

    Its actually the first time I've tried to do 'shading' on a pumkin. Shading is when you remove the skin, but leave the pulpy part (you may need to thin the pumkin a bit from the inside before you start). The skull itself is all shading. Took a while but it was actually fairly easy. I'm really happy with how it turned out. I saw a awesome beholder (D&D) pumkin sculpture somewhere on the net, but can't seem to dig it up.
  6. Jack O'Vampire

    So I was in a dark alley went something jumped me. Snapped a picture of it, but now I feel a little lightheaded. Seriously though thought you folks would enjoy the pic. Has anyone else indulged in some RPG inspired pumpkin carving past or present? (I could have sworn I had registered here once before but the sands of time have ofuscated my memory apparently.)