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  1. Hello all. I'm not terribly familiar with Mage, and even less so with the Dark Ages version, so I could use some suggestions for some antagonists in my Dark Ages Vampire chronicle. Said antagonists would be trying to compete with Cainite influence on the crusades. In short, can anyone give me any ideas regarding which Mage factions/traditions may have been involved behind the scenes in directing the Crusades? Specifically, we are playing through the 4th Crusade atm but I'm also interested in over-arching factional and cultural intrigues contributing to each crusade in turn. I'm thi
  2. Hi Wes, and welcome. To start off a game I recommend that you start with baby steps. Whichever game system you use, find a way to trial as many of the rules dynamics as possible to get a good feel for how the system works. Base it somewhere relatively small to start with, and preferably somewhere you know, to reduce the amount of legwork you have to do to make it realistic. Finally, avoid too much crossover with the other games early on so you don't have to remember too much. Cheers!
  3. A fantastic topic for dicussion! Nice one. I've been reading a lot of back and forth between Dark Ages sources and Masquerade ones of late, and I hope I can shed a little light on this. I love the way the histories in the Clanbooks of the modern era are substantially muddier than their Dark Ages equivalents, to account for centuries of factual erosion, political spin and clan dissolution. I believe the rebirth that you are referring to is the one referenced in the Dark Ages Tzimisce clan novel? If so, a couple of salient points arise: Firstly, I think the death the Dracon speaks
  4. Hey all. I'm just wondering how those of you that have used the Obertus Tzimisce of Constantinople have handled their morality? Looking back through Constantinople by Night and Bitter Crusade, they are on the basic Road of Heaven. As you know, thisvia espouses Conscience as a virtue. And that, my friends, just seem wrong to me. Firstly, as far as I can recall the Obertus believe in finding the "DIvinity Within". This doctrine essentially holds that Cainites are a bridge to the Divine in a way that mortals can never be, and are thus blessed with the opportunity to reach out an grasp
  5. Hey all. I've been running a facet of my game with play by emails for a while now and my system could use some pointers. In short, I have just been awarding stat increases based on what I read for each individual story. Really. That's it. Does anyone have a good xp award system for play by email? I think I owe my players something a little more formulaic so they can monitor themselves.
  6. Ta for the advice. I like to stay a little bit consistent with what's out there, but you're right: rule of cool is best. I might just browse through W:tA and run them thematically and cinematically and see how it pans out.
  7. Hey all. I am holding a scene during my next Transylvania Dark Ages game where a very powerful koldun (Spirit Ways 6, Earth Ways 4) is going to be attacking a castle held by the player coterie. This is a Trial by War, and he will have regular troops as well as standard Tzimisce nasties to throw at them (revenants, fleshcrafted animals, Szlachta and Vozhd). However, I want to showcase the scariness of spirit magic too. As he ought to be quite well versed in dealing with the spirit world, I'd like to throw some especially nasty Wyrm and Weaver spirits at my vampires. The trouble is, my
  8. My first was a Lost Cub Shadow Lord Homid Ahroun called Alexander "Shadowclaws" Masters, named such because he was a New Yorker Corporate CEO who used his Contacts and Resources to fight rather than just his brawn. The idea was supposed to be that most of his enemies never even saw him until the fight was already won. Of course, that wasn't really the game the ST wanted to run so he gradually morphed into more of a visionary working for tribal unity in Rage Across Australia (with a typical Shadow Lord twist). I played him for a couple years, and he wound up just making it to rank 3 and was
  9. Nice take. Kinda Dark Sun, but it makes an awful lot of sense. The more enlightened kolduns really would be the keepers of the land, but most of them would have failed in that regard by virtue of their power hungry, grasping natures.
  10. I haven't seen them mentioned anywhere other than Libellus Sanguinus I. For my game, I've taken the line of using them very much as the secret police of the Ventrue elders, who get to have the privilege of deciding exactly whom the Daeva are. In one particularly memorable session, the Knights of the Blood arrived on the scene hunting two Ventrue Diablerists (two elders, a certain Visigoth called Siegfried and a Dane called Hrothulf) that had encountered the coterie. The knights were there at the instigation of Gracis Nostinus, a prominent vassal of Hardestadt.
  11. Damien

    The Antasians

    Julia Antasia, the Prodigal Prince of Frankfurt, and her Antasians are given some space on pp. 36-40 of the Road of Humanity, and the profile of Veronique d'Orleans on p. 95 too. The Antasians are covered in a bit more detail on pp. 61-62 of Dark Ages Europe, and Julia Antasia herself is profiled on pp. 76-77.
  12. Thanks for the kudos, Poncho, and you are most welcome. I'll endeavour to illuminate you further. I have often wondered who Sascha was myself, and as far as I know it has never been detailed. For my chronicle, I've made him one of the childer of Dominic, the Brujah warlord. I haven't detailed him at all, but intended him to remind Vykos of Ilias cel Frumos. An in-depth answer to your questions re: the Eldest, the Dracon, and Symeon follows... WARNING: MASSIVE AND LONG-WINDED SPOILERS BELOW The Tzimisce novel holds that Vykos is taking his first stumbling st
  13. Hey, Poncho! Thanks for the input. I'd nearly given up on anyone else answering! The scene has long since come and gone, and if you are interested, here is what I went with: I eventually wound up making the tower foundations Dacian, and the others writings in the hidden room were Basarab genealogies that were accurate up to the Hungarian conquest. Sherazhina (whom I chose to develop much further than the bare bones text of TC1) is in the process of transcribing them with the help of the Basarab Tzimisce in the coterie. I'm toying with the notion of having that Cainite make an attempt to pr
  14. Damien


    Hello there, and welcome
  15. I like most of the fluff regarding the tribes, except for the Children of Gaia. They always struck me as a little too perfect, although I freely admit that while I did read the 1st tribebook, I certainly didn't retain much after I woke up from the ensuing nap. The thing that always annoyed me about the tribes were some of their crunch flaws. Why can't my exceptionally smooth Shadow Lord have any Allies? Friends are made in many ways, and come in many forms. Why can't my Bone Gnawer make good and earn some Resources through hard work in game play? Tribal flaws should not necessarily
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