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  1. Just wondering if you're still kicking around somewhere or not. :)

  2. So then, what y'all listening to at the moment

    Diary of Jane - Breaking Benjamin (my brain stuck in this one)
  3. My 3D modeling reel

    Very nice indeed!
  4. Things to do in Berlin while you're still alive

    I think we have 2 or 3 people from Berlin in SnE, maybe they didn't appear yet... I've never been in Germany, so I wouldn't know what to suggest... But wherever you go, have loads of fun (and take some pictures!)
  5. Sad Temple is sad.

    Yes, blame it on the sandchigger! (just going with the flow) Happy belated birthday, Temple!
  6. So..not that anyone probably noticed lol

    It's nice to know you're a little better. Still, it seems you know what your problem is (or at least a thing that aggravates it), so take it in consideration and take care of yourself (I will die before I say "eat your veggies!" to someone, so I won't) Get well soon!
  7. Introduction

    Hello and Welcome, Karura Be sure to drop the Vampire fora, we are always in need of fresh blood... Anyways, enjoy the stay!
  8. *looks at the latest pics from Selkiss and Nopp* That's more like it! Vampiric goodness is what we ALL like, whether we admit it or not! Please, post more, yes? We like them!
  9. Ok I have to ask

    The good things: Wealth, ambition (in all senses, not just the monetary one), technology, ideals, multiculturalism at its best. The bad things: The corrupt versions of the above: Greed, selfishness, monopolies, bigotry, hypocrisy, religious and political fanaticism, segregation. And one thing (this is a personal theory of mine): they seem to me as the most self-censored people in the world, in many aspects. They have access to information from all around the world, news and knowledge from everywhere, and STILL they choose to accept, embrace and defend some things that are blatantly biased and sometimes plain wrong. I know a man, now in his 60s, that had to videotape the news here to show his son who had emigrated to the US, because he didn't believe his father when he was telling him that some things weren't quite exactly how the son saw on US TV. I don't any other country who evolved some things so much, including ideals of freedom and equality, and then act in some of the major issues in the world with such double-standards...
  10. Have you seen this guy?!

    One thing does not exclude the other, I have a friend who competes in both handicapped (his handicap is not physical) and "regular", he even won 3 medals (if I'm not mistaken) in the Sidney Special Olympics Maybe it's not the same guy I was talking about, but it sure looks like him. Anyways, the guy is still awesome!
  11. Introduction! (Obvious, really)

    Lies, I tell you, lies! She has orchestrated devious plans to undermine and destroy us ALL! Long live the oWoD!! *frenzies* *slaughters the door-to-door salesman who happened to appear in the worst moment possible* *un-frenzies* Sorry 'bout that, its just that I hate mornings...
  12. How can fascinating stuff be this boring?

    Just.Not.In.The.Mood. It does happen sometimes, I have to admit it happens a lot to me when I'm studying, even when I find the subjects fascinating. And perhaps it's not your best hours of concentration; for instance, my favourite hours to study are from 10pm to 2am, because I can concentrate. I hate mornings for this reason, I can't do anything right.
  13. Or wax? Anyways, the pictures are great, Alice is a great marketeer of "Helen and her Costumes"
  14. Introduction! (Obvious, really)

    Hello and Welcome, Selkiss Let see if good dear Alice also lets you come to the Vampire: the Masquerade forum, it seems she has a bit of a "problem" with the oWoD We are the best kissers in the world, you know? You may feel a bit exhausted and look a bit pale after that, but the rush is great Oh, and the costumes look great indeed, more pictures of those, yes? Enjoy the stay!
  15. So where is everyone from

    I will speak as a Portuguese who never went to the United States, only has online acquaintances with US citizens, and only has the news and US TV shows to gain information from your country (and they are mostly comedy shows, my favourite being the Daily Show). I see a lot of the bad, the dangerous, and especially the stupid and the shallow. Not a lot of the good, and it does saddens me. I know in advance that I can't expect to see a lot of the good: it doesn't sell because people most of the times love disaster and tragedy. It seems it is far more exciting to see the "behind the scenes" of Britney Spears' latest demise than to see a president/senator/congressman (choose the correct answer ) talk about the groundbreaking changes in the educational system. Obviously, I know far more about Britney Spears than the US Educational System (and I study Education) Point is, there are some things that seem so far-fetched sometimes, that some of us think "only in America". I crave and hope for some of the things that only the USA have the ability, the opportunity and the drive to accomplish, and I deeply fear some of the things that I see can eventually happen. I have mixed feelings about your country, but I can tell you right now that *I* don't judge anyone before knowing them, "even" if they are from the US. I hope I was clear, I sometimes get wrapped up in my own thoughts, and writing in English sometimes doesn't help at all