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  1. Hello from Greece (Yes, i can pronounce Tzimisce :P)

    Although it's easy to pronounce it, I guess my roleplaying led my last Tzimisce character to Final Death... I'd rather call him "my Goey Character" than "my dead Tzimisce (Τζιμίσκι)" :/ Of course, Tzimisce is not the only non-english word used in WoD and I find that good, since it's a good way to show the universality of the vampires' origins So, everyone is happy, since everyone have their own vampire clan hehe
  2. Nothing is more contagious than sin..

  3. Hello from Greece (Yes, i can pronounce Tzimisce :P)

    Τζιμίσκι well, it's "j" (like in "joy") "ea" (like in "neat") "me" (like in "me" ) "ski" (well, like "ski") I hope it will help! hehe cu around!
  4. So, this is me, Manolis from Greece and I stopped by to say hello (γειά!)! See you around!