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  1. That to me seems like a perfect reason to exploit... er... offer the wonderful opportunity to "get ahead" on one's own steam rather than waiting for an elder to deign to reward you. Get some reputation points before someone who comes to veto you on the basis they don't feel like dealing with your inflated value.
  2. I would say it all depends entirely on your idea of "love". If you mean the incredible affection and desire for a person... most certainly. However the lower their Humanity gets the less "lovely" their expression of this sentiment is going to be as the Beast twists them. They become more likely to embrace someone they "love" out of selfishly wanting to keep them around, more prone to fits of jealousy (particularly over imagined slights) and more prone to doing "extreme" things to protect their love and relationship ("I had to kill your sister, she was trying to come between us and you would
  3. Two guns also helps him offset the escalating difficulties for (-1 per shot) for recoil from the guns, if I recall correctly.
  4. I believe he did significant research into it in one of the Gehenna Book, I think his discovery was supposed to have been made before then (just with the oncoming of Gehenna he gets to experiment more) but I could be wrong.
  5. The Ventrue Primogen from my chronicle hailed from the Victorian era and hence required all their male retainers to wear three piece suits in somber colours. She herself always wore an outfit that was mostly business suit (after all, what else does a woman of power wear?) with a corset to compact her waist (finally a practical benefit to having shrivelled internal organs!) with heavily padded shoulders and as much decoration as could be squeezed on to the shirt, corset and tie. She'd have had more, but her retainers assured her nobody decorates the edges of their suits any more. The Sensec
  6. Well they are very civilized... it's just as zenten pointed out their civilization is rather mean and nasty. Many human civilizations have enjoyed a good fight. The Romans with their arenas and the Spanish, Japanese and French with their duels. The difference between a Sabbat trial by Combat and a Camarilla one is that the Sabbat just decide they're gonna fight, get the nod from the "judge" figure (pack priest, bishop, oldest guy there... whatever) then roll up their sleeves and get to it. In the Camarilla one must make a petition, state one's case, allow the harpies to discuss the matter
  7. There's also a mention of it in the Counsel of Primogen, where mostly what they discuss is that while logically trial by combat seems senseless to us (people born in the last four hundred years) it is how things were done back in the time of the Elders and to them can seem to be a sensible way to resolve things if both parties are willing or required to stake their lives on the result of some dispute. Also remember that it need not necessarily be to the death, to the loss of a limb or torpor can be used, or even first blood. However since vampires are prone to frenzying any combat runs a high
  8. It also depends on the opinions of the local Elders to a certain extent. If the powers that be of a given city are all from an era when trial by combat was considered a valid means of deciding guilt then they may entertain it in situations where they either know the outcome in advance or honestly couldn't care what the outcome is. Generally speaking though, trial by combat should be very rare since even a two week old fledgling represents an enormous expense to their Sire and will be considered as such until they either screw up so bad they are deemed as a bad investment or have become suff
  9. Welcome aboard Jardel :)

  10. Okay... this thread is rapidly turning into more of Jyhad than is healthy so this is a an official warning that there will be no more attacks at forum members at all. You may freely discuss what ideas you do and don't like as much as you like, but there are to be no more personal accusations of being... anything and no more use of this an explanation for why anyone is doing anything or that you think their conduct is out of line. If you're offended by a statement you think is a personal attack or otherwise a breach of forum ettiquette, hit the "report" button. Don't start laying down the la
  11. I think they just need to create a new identity for themselves since their old one no longer applies and they choose to define themselves by their new condition. People with terminal diseases do it, so no reason vampires shouldn't.
  12. I remember they used to have stats for Beckett up on the web but I as I recall they were rather vague and didn't factor in anything other than the core book at the time.
  13. Many Malks are quite happy to admit they're insane, they simply see it as the price that they pay for their genius. That and there is nothing to say that they don't have more than one derangement. A Malk may have a herd of lithium takers to control his bi-polar disorder for example... while being blissfully ignorant that the doctor who suggested it to him is actually a delusion caused by his schizophrenia. @etu: So is it going to be an actually medication or will it simply be a placebo?
  14. It's been suggested by many people that dressing similar to your boss can, like buying a membership at the same golf club as him, impress him and make a good impression come promotion times. For vampires, this sort of thing can present rather awkwardly since your boss has the distinct possibility of dressing a century or so out of fashion if not advised otherwise by a very brave underling and may also have eccentricities such as preferring to continue speaking his native (possibly dead) tongue in his own Haven, having the Traditions taught in Latin, etc. In the last campaign I ran the Prince
  15. Well that all depends where you draw the proverbial line in the sand now doesn't it? Given that even the Sabbat generally don't embrace children under the age of ten, it's unlikely we're using the literal definition. So are we classifying anyone who is under four dots of Intelligence and Wits and less than five centuries of experience in vampire politics as a moron?
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