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  1. Welcome aboard Jardel :)

  2. A newcomer...

    Welcome Podunk! Always good to see new juicebags faces around the forums. Hope you have a great time here!
  3. Introduction are in order

    Welcome to ShadownEssence, I look forward to seeing you around. Oh don't mind the critters, they don't bite... and if they do they don't eat too much.
  4. Comparing Superman and Batman

    Right. And Frank gave up everything else... his friends, his career, for a while he even gave up his own identity and simply refered to himself as The Punisher without even acknowledging he had a name. Everyone who knew Frank saw the change and to many he's no longer recognizable as the same person. And Bruce chose to dress up as a flying rodent... study hard enough to be a science genius, train hard enough to be world class martial artist, learn how to build and use his 101 different gizmos, become a detective, build a giant underground lair... all while studying enough business to keep a hand in his family companies (as well as conceal all his purchases for Batman), schmooze with the people he had to, go to parties, host parties, etc. Nobody who knew him recognized the change, they don't suspect he's Batman unless they discover it as part of a story. In short, he hasn't really sacrificed much other than upping his working week.
  5. Comparing Superman and Batman

    I think it's more in the dedication and payouts etc. Frank Castle has, like Batman, commited his entire life to his "superheroism". However where Frank just manages to get by and pays a heavy toll with pretty much no double identity Batman gets all the technology in the world, travels around, fucks fine women, maintains a double identity and keeps a sidekick etc. Makes it a little harder to connect to Batman or believe that he really manages to do all that... meanwhile we have no trouble believing Frank does what he does.
  6. Comparing Superman and Batman

    Superman is definitely the more alien. I know plenty of people who had childhood trauma and have been warped and become rather dedicated against it as a result. I don't know anyone who thinks "You know, if I had ultimate power I would still live in my crappy apartment, work in my crappy job and run around helping everyone around the world."
  7. I hate Wikipedia

    Well yeah, that happens when you have a collective of knowledge put forth by whoever feels most confident in writing it. But hey, it usually makes for a good starting point.
  8. Check Santa's Naughty or Nice List

    "The Official "Naughty or Nice" Ranking for Kim: Almost on the Nice List!" All i want for Christmas is Santa's list of naughty girls... Do you think that counted against me?
  9. Worst superheroes ever!

    The best actual crime fighting combo I've heard of: A 'super hero' who's power is he goes around on rollerskates and shoots people... along with his sidekick who is a kid who follows him on his skateboard and throws grenades. 1. Who gave the kid grenades? 2. How would this duo fight a villian at the top of a hill?
  10. What you do

    We used to use a company in India for our email etc, now we use one in Israel. Why? Your guess is as good as mine.
  11. The problem with text is

    As opposed to... ?
  12. What you do

    That's okay, I live in Australia and casinos I provide support for are in Canada.... work that one out.
  13. What you do

    Dude, be careful, it is within his power to slip "By the way, Mr_J is a jerk." into his next manual.
  14. Bréigebaile by Twilight

    As an excuse to bump/attempt to lure Spikey further in: Tharv has up the first draft for the Changeling court info
  15. Why do you participate in the "Month of"?

    To be honest? Whether I have the time/cash/spirit at the time to participate and whether I know anything about the subject of the month. Sadly those two never seem to co-incide.