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  1. bloodlines

    that sounds awesome, not going to lie that would make for a interesting game.
  2. Mummy: The Curse.

    really whens this book coming out!
  3. bloodlines

    Oberlochs? i dont rember reading about them ??? whos are they ? and my is dead wolves
  4. bloodlines

    so whats your favorite bloodline? and do you let player use bloodline?
  5. Mummy: The Curse.

    antone know when this book comes out?
  6. Demon: The ???

    umm not sure how to feel ...had alot of good times playing DtF but i have liked all the new world books
  7. Mummy: The Curse.

    see i like new world alot more... i hated old changeling but love new, new just worked better with my ST type, i tend to be more crative and spontaneous but to tell the truth i think new world "failed" more to all the "fanboy" (not my words) of old world who only seem to hate it cuz its not old world. but thats a diff topic... i never liked old world mummy...so im hoping new is nothing like it...something diffrent. i would like to see more of a diffrents between the "classes" old seem to be ... you chould be mummy A..he has a sword ore mummy B hes fast...ex
  8. Mummy: The Curse.

    thanks, did you read this? kinda made me want mummy less LOL
  9. The Avengers (Assemble grrrr)

    True there are a lot of movies and books that say Thor is a title that is give to a man who proves himself and can pick up the hammer....nevertheless, I love thor in the movies, funny yet strong, and dumb yet smart in his own way also only one to be born with his powers
  10. The Avengers (Assemble grrrr)

    Actually Thor is a alien.
  11. The Avengers (Assemble grrrr)

    [what! thor > then all. can hold is own in a fight with the hulk, he beat up ironman, oh ya and is a god! really i only feel bad for cap, out of all of then he seemed way under powerd. and widow why was she there.
  12. The Avengers (Assemble grrrr)

    9/10.... easy...
  13. anyone seen this

    ya LOL did the same thing when I watched it LOL. did wach that one but I did wach the assamite one and he hates them
  14. anyone seen this

    soo has anyone wach this guys vidoes? http://www.youtube.com/user/woodwwad?feature=watch someone told me to wach them, and i wached like 3... and all i saw was this angry guys going on and on about nothing? is it just me? also kinda same topic.. am i the only who gets mad when they see the gamer "stereotype"?
  15. Yet another new guy

    wel to the come sir