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  1. SnE Chatroom Memes.

    The chat has become active, so let us enjoy some memes it has created. Skeptic Priest. Based on an episode of the Haunting, where a priest was renowed for his skeptisisms. The Skeptic Priest WILL question any of your supernatural, and he will not give a shit if it tries to get his attention before he is done with his prayers. He gives zero fucks. Rumored to be Chuck Norris' father. Gangstarag Wolfboi. Based on an unfortunate chatgame where the wiki on werewolf was mostly focused toting the superiority of the urban tribes (more specifically Bone Gnawers). The site was littered with (stolen) artwork of gang members spraypainting walls and the text focused on being street. Wolfboi isn't in this apocalypse thing for saving Gaia. Fuck her. Instead, he rather spraypaints and raps about his greatness. No one really takes his seriously.
  2. SOPA.

    It's time to be serious. SOPA, or Stop Online Piracy Act, is not good. I don't even need to say that I do not think piracy is right. However, the vague staments in the bill itself, and those backing it up show that the bill is at best going to hurt many sites that don't deserve it. At worst, it will take down any site showing copyrighted material. Now, White Wolf and we have a good relationship. They respect us as a community, and have in the last year given us huge support. However, other companies, especially copyright holders, will gladly take down sites that show their material 'in bad light'. Avatars, quites, even joke pictures or fanart. And, even if White Wolf likes us, if some hihat decides, they could still take SnE down for breaking copyright. http://www.stopcensorship.org/ Please, those in the USA, contact your senators. Us outside the country, contact your newspapers, tabloids etc.
  3. MrGone's Character Sheets

    Those things have stats in the books as written. That's why they are there. For the ST to use without the need to make sheets for them. It also frees the creators from having to obey the sheet mechanics and just make their monster/NPC as powerful as they want. Also, clan weakness is a good reminder what ails your particular character. Inits are easily explained by 'dex+wits+random number'.
  4. Passing of a former SnE Staff Member

  5. Free Werewolf Revised at DriveThru

    It is a free version of the revisited Core.
  6. The SnE Memebase!

    From the werewolf side; Spanked into a two week coma. Tribe book CoG Revisited (yes, it's a meme)
  7. The "OMG I'm in that MMO too!"-thread

    Champions Online, Quillaq the Carver is my main's name.
  8. The secret World

    Been waiting for that game since it was first announced, always been a Dragon,too.
  9. Recruitment: COTD New Orleans my version

    Unfortunately, these main forums are for discussion, not roleplay. I think you can however use the project section to play (Is that correct, Libra?)
  10. Claw Vs Bite

    Well, my characters have never bitten anything,ever. Paranoia is a powerful thing XD
  11. Claw Vs Bite

    Bite can be a hinderance,no matter the damage pool. Some spirits have poison,some have spikes that make biting less attractive option to clawing simply because your hands generally don't swallow things you bite on reflex. Mechanics it's basically just choice between biting or clawing, but the issues that come from putting stuff in your mouth can be decisding.
  12. Breaking Masquerade

    CSW, if you want to make your own world, go to a fiction writing board,please. If you want your own version of WoD, make it how you like,nobody is stopping you.
  13. Ana's art.

    Hokay, I art. I art a LOT. And as most know my favorite game, I draw a lot of werewolves being werewolves. So, let's get this show on the road. http://ana-mizuki.deviantart.com/#/d3g99sn Newest. Fire touched are disturbing bastards, but you gotta love their dogma and their insanity. This bastard is allied with a disease spirit, thus, he gets all kinds of nasty diseases and...well, pusses out regularly. http://ana-mizuki.deviantart.com/art/Not-used-in-Heritage-188634207 Purebred Wendigo Lost cub, in its derpy glory. http://ana-mizuki.deviantart.com/#/d3dzwxu Wolves of one game I'm in. http://ana-mizuki.deviantart.com/#/d3d54dm Lost Cubbie again, cell shade practise,
  14. Fighting Style: Tai Chi

    I've gone through similar experience. I was very new to the mechanics when I apped to one game. At first everyone was nice towards me, but then when I didn't know the mechanics well, I got more and more into ST disfavour. Also because I wasn't that big on using mechanics in the first place. I didn't hate them, but the way the game was made (essentially a VERY closed circle) a lore-liking character I made was mocked and semi-abused. As I was OOC. I think the worse part was that I couldn't leave,because the ST said that if I left, my characters would be just STed no matter what I said. This was later used to get me back into the game, as I don't like my characters be controlled by anyone but me. So, I guess the wise move is to just know when to run before you are stuck. Anyway, as Kris and others can attast that is NOT the way the game should be played, and after my bad experience, I found places that WERE much better.