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  1. Directional Contracts

    Glad to be of help.
  2. Directional Contracts

    Thanks Noradin, that was awesome, however I've already started the campaign now and it seems to be going well. When I do introduce the rebellious youth of my chronicle who want to be seasonal I will definetly use some of your ideas! Coincidentally I live in Yorkshire, if you'd like to pick my brains on the area feel free to message me, I'll mash us a pot and we can chew t'cud.
  3. Directional Contracts

    Nobody wants to pitch in? *Sits in the Corner and talks to his "Precious"*
  4. Directional Contracts

    I'm about to begin a chronicle set in modern day Japan where a group of newly emerged Lost (And one old dog, quite literally) escape from Arcadia and find themseleves plunged into the myths and intrigues of an alien land. I have the cast all set up, the most NPC's in one place I have ever assembled, Took me two weeks but I felt compelled to put so many in, to flesh out the many Myths and legends of Japan for my unwitting players to stumble across. However, one tiny flaw in my plan is that the Eastern Courts have only one set of Contracts for them all!?!? Somehow I think this a tad unfair as they are just as rich a community as any western freehold IMO. I would love for WW to do something similar to the Year of the Lotus as they did for OWOD but who am I kidding right? Anyway I had the idea of "Borrowing" some of the contracts from the western courts for the eastern ones but before I commit to this idea I just wondered if anyone knew of any Directional Contracts other than the ones in the book or have come up with any (Balanced) ones of their own? Any help in this matter would be greatly appreciated thanks!
  5. Werewolf: the Curse

    Sounds cool, I like the idea of a more "Traditional" werewolf being bitten rather than born. I could see some cool ideas here but you'd have to pretty careful, are you putting in a delerium mechanic because otherwise it could be pretty easy for mortals to put two and two together. I imagine the Masqerade equivalent would have to be iron clad and really restrictive otherwise first changes are likley to be embarrassing for the older werewolves left cleaning up the mess. I could imagine the newly bitten werewolf giving off a really strong scent like being in heat or something that draws older weres to them before the first change (at least that's the hope) so they can prepare them. New werewolves struggle with animal instincts, finding their place in the pecking order, having hightened senses etc. As for the "Clans" thing I think your problem could be solved by using the only thing I actually like from Nwod: The social groups. Clan would give you your perks/disciplines etc, but social group would give you your outlook and motivations. I think it could work really well if you make it unique enough to stand apart from forsaken/apocalypse. Perhaps the struggle between humanity/animalistic urges gets easier the older you live however getting there is really really hard, life expectancy amongst the savage breeds is short and truly brutal.
  6. Good game for a somewhat new ST?

    Thanks, I try to make them interesting, I usually have theme for every one, in that one it was the fact that the ancillae were just as bad the Elders they professed to despise. In my new one the theme is the theatrical. The Elysium is an old style opera house and the NPC's are all over the top hams.
  7. Good game for a somewhat new ST?

    Glad I could help, I don't really know much about V:tR, I fell out with it myself, I love my meta plot too much, and think the whole forgetting things because your old thing is a massive cop-out tbh. I suppose you could do ghouls in V:tR though if you wanted. I set the campaign in an LA style city with lots of rival street gangs led by the Players who ran them for the Elders. The Story started with a phone call to each player telling them that the local bookie/loan shark (basicially the only neutral vamp in the city, he handled all the gangs money and shipments) had died that morning. It was great fun because instead of trying to find out who killed him they immeadietley blamed everyone else and their granny while the Unmastered used the tensions to kidnap more of them.
  8. Good game for a somewhat new ST?

    The hell stairway idea fits Wraith perfectly. With Wraith the game is about human horror, the characters are as human as you can get, their motivations are human, their passions are human, the only thing is that they're ghosts. Might I suggest that you use Wraith as the game system for this one, have your players play the role of a local paranormal group investigating the "Haunted House" at the end of town which actually is a haunt for a group of Specteres (Bad Wraiths) who are trying to weaken the barrier between this world and theirs so they can really wreak havoc on the town. This would leave it open for the next stage if they die, they can then become Wraiths themselves. The game works best with really small groups 1-4 players so that you don't neglect their personal stories. As for the Blade thing why not have a game of V:tM and use the Unmastered, a covert group of masterless ghouls who seek out and kidnap vampires for their blood. I used them in a game once and had the players running around for weeks trying to figure out who it was bumping off vamps, they named just about everything except them, it was great fun when I finally revealed that a bunch of ghouls had got the better of them. (They didn't seem to think so though, which was even better) You can find more info on the Unmastered in Ghouls, fatal addiction.
  9. Hello all.

    Hey everyone, I'd just like to say what an awesome site this is, and that I can't believe I've taken this long to find it! I'm a long time Owod Player/Story Teller mostly V:tM but I would have to say that Wraith: the Oblivion is my fave by far, only my group doesen't seem to care for it as much as me, unless I'm ST'ing that is. I've been playing for years now so please feel free to pick my brains and hopefully you'll be able to find something coherent in there!