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  1. elite fanboys

    Aiee. The point at which I think it becomes dangerous is when it becomes an unhealthy addiction. I feel a little hypocritical saying that because roleplaying forms a large part of my social life - I love it, it's a great form of escape and even a coping mechanism and I'd miss it terribly if it weren't around. But I've also gamed with an FA who had a seriously unhealthy relationship with gaming. He started placing so much importance on it - taking things personally when things didn't go his way, taking perceived slights to his character as underhanded ways to insult him. He had confrontation issues and couldn't get his life together, for him, roleplay became a means of total escape, but there was nothing shared about it. Everything had to go his way. I feel sorry for the guy, but he became a complete ass. And still hasn't sorted himself out. He behaved a lot like an FA in many ways - the whole perceiving insults to something he likes as an insult to him thing. Plus we were playing D&D at the time meaning with the open license there were a MILLION books to pick rules from, many of which were severely broken. He'd pick at house rules as unfair and designed to make him fail, then not understand when the GM wouldn't let him take the equivalents of "god mode" feats from weird books. Because it was *PUBLISHED*, that must make it *OFFICIAL*. DGG - you put your finger on it exactly, they're so angry and frustrated they can't have a good time, and I think they end up needing someone to blame for that. Wyrm - I'm sorry you had a crappy experience. And sorry for jumping on your rant-train, but it's just so darned therapeutic! Poor FA sods. Cariad, Becca.
  2. Spelljammer / Ghostwalk Game Write-ups!

    Yes! YAY! READER! Please do, you're very, very welcome to add us to your friends list. First game is up - next game should be along in the next couple of weeks, along with all the stuff on NPCs, locations, etc. Cariad, Becca.
  3. What you do

    I'm currently working as an assistant IT type person for a Cardiff University as it implements an identity management system. The identity management system like to do strange things like suddenly move students to seemingly random departments or give them staff accounts and it's my job to tell the people this affects, then bug other people until they tell me why it happened. It's a temporary summer thing, though. After that I will *hopefully* have completed an MA in Creative Writing. Which will be of no use whatsoever in finding any kind of job ever. At least it's been sorta fun... I'll probably end up in an office somewhere because I can type like a demon and it's about my only employable skill. Which is kind of depressing. It's not any of my good academic qualifications that's gotten me a job, it's the fact that I had no friends and spent all my time on the computer from the age of twelve onwards... Cariad, Becca.
  4. Hey guys! My friends and I have just started a TT rpg game, and we've started up a website to chronicle it. http://embark.to/ghostjammer It's D&D, but before you run screaming, it's very story-oriented and it's not straight fantasy. It's a fusion of Spelljammer (wooden ships in space) and Ghostwalk (oooh, metaphysical questions) and has a sort of Victorian Steam-punk vibe. The goal is to get through 150 levels (yup! 1-5-0!) and tell a great story on the way. It's gonna be epic, hopefully entertaining, and each game session will get a write-up, so anyone who's interested can read along with the adventure and see how we're doing. We want it to be as exciting as a novel, and full of twisty-turny-plotty-character-shocking-moments. In case you missed it, that's: http://embark.to/ghostjammer Check back for more updates as some of the sections aren't finished yet (locations, NPCs, etc.) but there are some pictures of us prancing around like idiots, a couple of maps and the first game is session is already up! Anyway, hope to see you all around there, Becca. (Becky, the one with the sombrero in the icon).