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  1. Harvest Moon Vs Animal Crossing

    Okay this is not only a discussion on which you prefer but a thread on discussing the merits of Both games! Like I know which Animal Crossing Game to get on DS, but I don't know about the Which Harvest Moon. The reviews on Amazon seem to point to Harvest Moon DS Cute as the best... but in that one I have to have a vagina... and I can't marry a lady! And don't you wish in the Future they would make a Super Harvest Moon Animal Crossing Game with a Super Internet City? I know Animal Crossing is working on that, but it has no Farming. And anyone notice How Exalted Harvest Moon is? You have Artifact Tools! And Animal Crossing is So Thousand Stream Rivers Lunar!
  2. Okay Eldagusto Gots him a DS!

    They have a Resident Evil DS?
  3. Okay Eldagusto Gots him a DS!

    Okay I finally gots me a DS! B-) But I don't have any games yet. I used my Ebay fu to get Chrono Trigger, Animal Crossing, Cooking Mama 2, Brain Age 2, The World Ends with You and Pokemon Pearl for about twenty bucks each free shipping new. And I got FF Tactics Advanced 2 for 25 bucks. I plan to get more like I am really trying to Get My Chinese Coach for my Mandarin Class. But so Far I have only been able to enjoy playing the Gameboy games on it, but hey it beats my GB Advance because I couldn't play that sucka in the dark. But I was going to wait for Pokemon Platinum but Gaah I waited for too Long for a new Pokemon! I want me some Pearl! Go Water Type Penguin majiger! I plan to get Castlevania Ecclesia, The New Super Mario Bros, and probably Mario Kart as well. Oh and I thought the New Fire Emblem was coming out in February (that is what Amazon Says) but they have the Game out in English Legit copies out in Ebay. Is it because they released it in other parts of the World First or is Amazon just late to the game?
  4. Sharing the Spirit

    Wow that was nut! I never thought of anything like this bring possible. Pretty cool for the holidays!
  5. Merry christmas motherfuckers!!!!!

    Good Hogswatch, er Happy Calibration... er Merry Xmas!
  6. http://members.webs.com/?referer=freebar&a...-Freebar-_-auth So is Freewebs.com a good Place to make my own Website? My Friend is telling me to do so.
  7. Happy Happy Turkey Day

    Sigh now that it is over... I was going to ask everyone to have a Great Thanksgiving. Gone you already knew!
  8. Happy Happy Turkey Day

    Well could you all do me a favor? Could you?
  9. Max Romans Dream!

    I heard that a lot. Stuff like it wasn't inspiring. But after reading the core it got me wanting to know a lil bit more about the Rockies. Which I still Need to Read! But I don't know when? After all Changeling and Promethean are just calling to me with their completed limited book number allure!
  10. Just wondering who here goes to or has gone to my college?
  11. Independant Study for College

    And that is the thing. I been around the big wide world of the interweb. And so many people think they are literally a genius (I mean oh my god I am suprised at how many people thought they could actually stat themselves fairly in some silly threads and they just pour on the three's and 4's with a pinch of fives.). But many of those I see as amonst the most perceptive, insightful and wise earnestly view themselves quite prudently, while still acknowledging their training and such. Meanwhile I have seen so many on this great interweb of ours who while still insightful, honestly believe they are at the peak or near the peak of human achievement, yet they do not realize they don't exactly reflect that, or that most people aren't just going to take that at face value. Anyhoo I digree. All I am trying to say is you have always been a good rolemodel for us younger forumites out there. It is rather silly when I think back in the day when people would call you the troll! Meanwhile in many forums of the Roleplaying persuasion I find much more vitriol with much less panache, and often with nothing constructive to add. But you and Gone (and honestly Mr. Gone you must be the biggest Gentlemen I have seen on the Web, and you must get a lot of satisfaction that you have given so much to your community with your excellent sheets) are the first rolemodels I found on the interweb, but joyously not the last. Especially over here at this esteemable forum of uhh roleplayitude!
  12. Independant Study for College

    Oh you wascal! But I Hate All Life you are honestly one of my role models. I know it will sound sappy but. But first forums was the Old World of Darkness forum and you seemed quite insightful and most of your knowledge from what I glimmered from when you talk about yourself is from your own indepent learning outside of school. And unlike everyone on the forums nowadays when you made your character sheet you didn't put all 3-5. I always thought if a bloke like you doesn't consider himself as super extraordinary as most of the forumites on the internet view themselves then the ceiling for human potential must be really high. I always liked the old Mark Twain Quote something along the lines of "I never let schooling get in the way of my education". It never gets brought up that often my hobbies and interests but whenever I do bring it up my teachers often think better of me.
  13. Independant Study for College

    Whoah so I can get college credit for doing crap which I enjoy! I am justing finding out about this independant study thing. I am going to talk to several Instuctors about doing independant studies! Because I got books like the Mahabharata, or Journey to the West or Herodotus for my own scholarly leisure and enlightenment! But if I can get credits for researching this stuff! Who says you can turn a profit off of Personal Enlightenment! Man maybe I will even do a project one my squirrel research. And hell I never thought until now but maybe I might try for the symposium. But many of you here are so smart and so much more experienced then I am! And I know many of you are Grad students and even profs! So any advice or opinions will be appreciated! This may save me lots of money by being able to do this during the summer at my house and it should bring my GPA up! I hope this works out!
  14. Max Romans Dream!

    Wow so I finally found time to finish the Foresaken Corebook, I know I am really late to the party. But I was suprised how much I love the Rockies setting. I was intrigued by the Snow vs Roman thing. So I was thinking the whole Max Roman Dream could be used by virtually any chronicle anywere. Seriously any pack that would go and take Roman as a mentor or ally and agree upon his goals would be a major boost, and if in game they convince at least one other pack to join that is another huge boost. After this you could even center a story on Roman Experimenting with his Union by having them agree to all aid each other in building a Locus in a few key places. Also I love the whole Sacred mountain schtick. The Rockies section has convinced me to get the Hunting Grounds the Rockies.
  15. What is Under the Worlds Biggest Rock?

    Pshh! Your the Dreamtime!