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  1. Busy Boggan

    Hi, gang! Many thanks to A Mercurial Mind for the reminder that I hadn't visited SnE in far too long. Things are going well out here in the sunny wilds of SE Arizona. I haven't had much to talk about in terms of White Wolf or the World of Darkness - After Geist and the books I was working on in that time period, my focus has shifted over to some independent projects. For those of you who don't follow my Facebook page or my Twitter or my blog (my gods, that's a lot of social media to juggle) here's some of what I've been working on... One Geek To Another - Originally a weekly project, One Geek is now more periodic than regular. It remains an episodic online advice and etiquette column for the geek world, one where folks can write in with questions ala Dear Abby, or where I wax eloquent (LOL) on various topics of geek-manners and the like. The Shattered Glass Project - The first stage of this is very near completion. The Patronage period ends June 20th. Until then, folks who are interested in being a part of this "fae fiction experiment" can donate to support this short story which will be exclusively theirs to read for at least a year. More details availableat the site, but the response has been really positive so far. The Bones: Us and Our Dice - This is a collection of essays about... well, gamers and their dice. Will Hindmarch invited me to be a part of it, and my contribution "Rolling In the Aisle" was a lot of fun to write. Little Yoshida - Mind Storm Labs puts out a great post-apoc game with lots of high sci-fi and paranormal elements, Alpha Omega. They asked me to write a series of short stories featuring Little Yoshida, one of their canon characters, and the first of the series (which combine to create a novel) is available now. Maybe the biggest news and project I've got going at the moment, though, is my novel, La Serenissima. After fine tuning and re-writing it over the course of several years, I have found an agent, and we'll soon be shopping it around to publishers! So that's super exciting! I hope all of you are keeping busy, having fun and getting your game on! ~jess
  2. May all your rolls be exceptional successes ...

  3. loves coming back here and seeing folks visiting.

  4. Goblin Markets Released

    Goblin Markets, the latest Changeling: The Lost product, is now available for download on DrivethruRPG. This beautifully illustrated, 49 page .pdf will only cost you $6.99 - or possibly your first-born's first laugh, or the memory of your last kiss... (You'll have to negotiate with the folk at DTRPG on that, though...)
  5. [RSS] New Changeling SAS!!

    Thanks for the PR, guys! I'm very excited about it. ~jess
  6. [NEWS] The Lost Take ENnies 2008!

    *Grins* Thanks to all of you guys who have been so great about supporting Lost! ~j
  7. GenCon 2008?

    So... who's going to GenCon next week? Anyone wanna meet up for a lunch or something? ~jess
  8. [NEWS] The ENnie Awards 2008

    Just a reminder, tomorrow is the last day to vote for the ENnies: http://www.ennieawards.com/voting/index.phtml Thanks! ~jess
  9. What is "Dusk & Dawn"

    *shuts her mouth and doesn't say NUFFIN!* *giggles a lot, though*
  10. [NEWS] The ENnie Awards 2008

    Don't forget the quickstart guide is also up for best free product, and Chuck Wendig's Lost SAS "The Fear-Maker's Promise" is up for best Electronic Book! Go! Vote now! Hugs for all voters! ~jess
  11. Woah, you left New England without telling me?!

  12. For those of you looking for something to do this weekend in the SW region of the US, Phoenix ConGames is being held in Mesa, AZ. There's a huge amount of White Wolf programming going on, including demo games of Hunter: The Vigil. I'll be doing a couple of round tables on women in gaming and writing for the rpg industry, and the Wrecking Crew (WW's premiere Demo Team) will be there as well. There's a blurb on the White Wolf site: www.white-wolf.com (center column, a few articles from the top).
  13. Black Hat Matt's Project "Dee -Tee"

    Stumbled across the cover art for Project DEE TEE (aka Midnight Roads) on Amazon.com today. Linked to it on my website. Check it out!
  14. [RSS] White Wolf Game Dayz in AZ

    Ah... sad face! Well, I posted pictures and a con report on my website, check it out if you get a chance! www.jesshartley.com It was a blast! Maybe you can make it next time! ~jess~
  15. Just Saying Hello

    Princess Bride and Exalted? You're good in my book! Welcome to the site! ~jess~